RIGHT NOW on materials: ‘Build it Green’

Build it Green - (PLA524 - Recycled plastic sheets)
On may 23rd an interesting material event takes place at the Materia Inspiration Centre in Amsterdam: Materia Xpert Series – Build it Green

Almost daily Materia is asked: what are sustainable materials? Where do I get sustainable materials? There is not a clear answer, though. What is sustainable depends, for instance, on ones opinion: can technology play its role as long as it is kept separate from natural cycles, or should mankind find sustainable answers in nature only?

The Build it Green event is the second edition of the thematic Materia Xpert Series, which brings professionals together and elaborates on current topics. In the Materia Inspiration Centre (total area of 1400 m² ) manufacturers and experts meet architects, designers, engineers and clients. Every edition of Materia Xpert Series consists of an exhibition and a final event including seminars, workshops and networking opportunities. The exhibition consists of a selection from the Materia-collection combined with the materials and techniques from partners. This exhibition is free of charge and is presented to visitors of the Materia Inspiration Centre until may 22nd.

Materia Inspiration Centre

During the event on may 23rd visitors experience the most important developments in sustainable construction. They meet specialists during lunch and at the partnerstands, can be inspired by interesting speakers, presentations and visit the first C2C-certified building in the Netherlands (Park 20/20 in Hoofddorp).

Turf-DetailTopics covered include: sustainability development, assessment and certification of materials, design and architecture trends, technical innovation, material innovation, sample projects and a lot of inspiration. Materia Xpert Series is aimed at professionals who are involved and interested in the latest developments in the field of sustainable construction. Present are: architects, engineers, designers, retailers, manufacturers and clients.
Register here. The admission fee is € 95,-.

Materia was founded by Els Zijlstra in 1998. It is the network of designers, and producers of materials. Materia aims to bring people together and serve as a platform for a more sustainable built environment. Material Explorer is Materias online material library – it is free to join – go ahead, sign up!

The next event in the Materia Xpert Series:
Solar Solutions – on 21 June 2012

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Maria HørmannAbout Maria Hørmann
Maria is editor of Hello Materials Blog and a Project Manager of the Danish Design Centre’s exhitibion team. She follows closely the development within the environmental area, and has a broad, professional knowledge of materials.
> More about Maria Hørmann

Hello Materials exhibitionAbout the Hello Materials exhibition
Experience fascinating examples of present and future materials and gain an insight into what they will mean to society and the individual. Visit the exhibition between the 2nd of April and the 21st of September 2012.
> Visit ddc.dk for more information about the Hello Materials exhibition

One response to “RIGHT NOW on materials: ‘Build it Green’

  1. Dear Maria,
    would you mind to tell me what material you showed in the picture with the file name turf-detail. As far as I know, that would not be the turf you would use as a surrogate for lawn? What it is then. Where is it used and who is the manufacturerer? Thanks for your support! My best wishes, Jens.

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