RIGHT NOW on materials: “Materials for Winners” – international conference at Danish Design Centre

Materials for Winners
Innovation in materials and technology creates sports stars. Join this international conference on materials and technology in sports equipment.
Danish Design Centre 06.21.12 / 09:00 – 16:00

Leading experts on material and sports from around the world will discuss how the development within materials, design and technology is contributing to improve the performance of elite athletes.

Facilitator of the day:
Mick Hume, British journalist, author and commentator.

Dr. Tom Allen, lecturer in Engineering Design at Sheffield Hallam University.
Daniel Hartung, co-owner of Hartung & Bouffay.
Thomas Ebert, Senior Engineer – Pipe Design, NKT Flexibles, a rower in the Danish Gold Four (the gold-winning lightweight coxless four) from 1998 until 2008.
Jacob Csizmadia, CEO, CeramicSpeed.
Niclas Andersson, Director of Marketing and Business Development & Thomas Nilsson, Director of Human Factors, Ergonomidesign.
Emilio Genovesi, CEO at Material ConneXion, Milan.

The conference is organised by the Danish Design Centre, The Danish Society for Materials Technology, DSM, and The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA.

Sign up and read more about ‘Materials for Winners’ here.

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Maria HørmannAbout Maria Hørmann
Maria is editor of Hello Materials Blog and Project Manager of the Danish Design Centre’s exhitibion team. She follows closely the development within the environmental area, and has a broad, professional knowledge of materials.
> More about Maria Hørmann

Hello Materials exhibitionAbout the Hello Materials exhibition
Experience fascinating examples of present and future materials and gain an insight into what they will mean to society and the individual. Visit the exhibition between the 2nd of April and the 21st of September 2012.
> Visit ddc.dk for more information about the Hello Materials exhibition

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