RIGHT NOW on materials: “Materials for New Energies”, Conference in Hessen, DE

little-wings. Felix Kraemer
Conference: “Materials for New Energies”, September 13, 2012,
Instituto Cervantes,  Frankfurt/Main, Germany
With the conference “Materials for New Energies”, the action line Hessen-Nanotech of the Hessian Ministry for Economics, Transport and Regional Development, speeds up the transfer of technology into marketable products for the energy and information technology users, product developers, designers and architects about the latest developments.

Hessen is on its way to a new energy era. To pave the way for a safe, environmentally friendly, socially acceptable and affordable energy supply, the Hessian State Government launched the Hessian Energy Summit on the 6th of April 2011, and presented the results of the Summit on the 10th of November 2011. With the phasing out of nuclear energy, Germany will assume a leading role among industrialised nations. “The switch to the supply of alternative energy sources for Germany is a major challenge, but it offers tremendous market opportunities for the medium-sized industry,” says the Hessian Minister Dieter Posch.
Picture: EDAG GroupOrganic dye solar cells for power supply, kites power plants using high-strength textiles or parabolic trough power plants for commercial use – a variety of new developments contribute to the goal set for the year 2050, when the total energy consumption in Hessen (electricity and heat) should be switched to renewable energies. An important role is played not only on energy, but also the energy distribution, energy efficiency and energy saving. In particular, by developing innovative material technologies and material production of new nanomaterial energy systems, will open up unexpected possibilities. The future market of smart energy technologies relates not only to the systems and components for decentralised energy supply technologies, it also looks to reduce energy consumption and find solutions for increasing energy and material efficiency.
(By Dr. Sascha Peters, Haute Innovation, Berlin)

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  1. a substitute for the Chinese market. “All of a sudden, material being collected on the street doesn’t have a place to go,” said Pete Keller, vice president of recycling and sustainability at Republic Services, one of the largest waste managers in the country.

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