MATERIAL COOKING – new book by Laurence Humier

Photo: Michele SilvestroDiscovering new materials and boosting design creativity by exploring
non-culinary materials from a chef’s perspective.  “Cooking Material: Could molecular gastronomy help discover new matter?”  is an exciting new e-book written by Belgian designer Laurence Humier, in collaboration with Audrey Tardieu, a chemical engineer. 

The book examines what could happen if we use traditional recipe cooking methods in search of new materials and textures for design. This is a hands-on approach to material research, using a chef’s perspective.
Accompanying the concept of the e-book is a series of workshops and seminars where participants may engage in material cooking. How about whipped wax instead of whipped cream or making glass inspired by a caramel recipe? The results are exciting and can be used to boost imagination as well as a starting point for discussions around materials. Who knows what could happen if the recipe is changed, …perhaps we could invent a whole new material?

Viewing a material as an ingredient rather than as a static matter has the potential to open up new ways of thinking and stimulate creativity in terms of material-inspired design.
The book offers illustrations and explanations of physicochemical phenomena similar in culinary arts and materials science and aims to tie the two together. By the analysis and application of basic and useful chemistry and physics principles, the e-book creates a new link between traditional cooking ingredients and non-culinary materials – What you get is a DIY method to obtain materials with specific properties.

Photo: Michele SilvestroPhoto: Michele Silvestro

Cooking Material. Could molecular gastronomy help discover new materials?” is available on iTunes Store and Amazon under the patronage of Triennale Design Museum and Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles support.

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