Do you work with advanced materials? Make yourself known on the DAMADEI online platform

DAMADEIwebsiteDesigners, manufacturers, technology centres and connecting centres from around the continent working with advanced materials come together in this single directory, presented in the form of an interactive European map, with the aim of boosting design as a driver of European innovation and competitiveness.

MaterFAD in Barcelona, Danish Design Centre  and Happy Materials in Prague have partnered up on the EU-project DAMADEI – “Design and Advanced Materials As a Driver of European Innovation”. The project that runs till Ultimo October 2013 seeks to put focus on European competitiveness and raise awareness among designers and to provide them with the appropriate experience on how to take advantage of the huge opportunities regarding advanced materials.

As a part of DAMADEI project the aim has been to map the European players within the area of advanced materials. The three partners of the DAMADEI project have to this date gathered together nearly 200 data sheets from designers, manufacturers, technology centres and connecting centres and identified professionals from 18 European countries working with advanced materials. All these data have now been shared at the DAMADEI website – a website-in-progress that publishes data sheets as an ongoing concern and permits searching in 9 families of advanced materials, by country or by professional category.

Submit at

Anyone interested in appearing in this exclusive European selection can now enter their details through a simple form. The requirements for registering a designer, a business, a technology centre or a connecting centre on the online platform are:
– Must be located in Europe
– Must work with advanced materials, included in at least one of the following families:

With this new ‘submit’ form the intention is for to become a useful tool for anyone working with advanced materials…..

Find more info on DAMADEI here or go to the DAMADEI website.

Iván RodríguezAbout Iván Rodríguez
Iván works at the Materfad materials library, the FAD’s materials centre in Barcelona. He is an industrial designer and a materials engineer.
> More about Iván Rodríguez

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