Materials Experience: Fundamentals of Materials and Design – a new ‘material’ book released


A new book on Materials Experience has recently been published by Elsevier, bringing a number of well-known scholars and designers  together to discuss current practices in materials and design, and how these subjects affect our experiences with everyday objects.

(Scholars such as: Mike Ashby (Foreword), Julian Vincent, Blaine Brownell, Kevin Edwards, Rob Thompson, David Bramston, Daniel Schodek, Jonathan Chapman, Sybrand Van Der Zwaag, Paul Hekkert, Carlo Vezzoli, and many more..
Designers such as: Hella Jongerious, Sam Hecht, Alberto Meda.)

“…So this is a rich collection, touching on the many different aspects and influences of design, further enriched by face-to-face interviews with successful designer.

I hope you will find it as rewarding as I have.”

Mike Ashby
(from the Foreword of Materials Experience)

“When the design focus shifts from ‘products’ to ‘interactions’, materials must be considered (also) as ‘experience’. This book is a very useful contribution to attend
to the experiential side of materials.”

Ezio Manzini

(from the back cover of Materials Experience)

“Our starting point for contemplating Materials Experience was to create a book having a composition that reflects the fundamentals for turning a design idea into a materialized outcome. There has existed for a long time an abundance of materials selection advice for designers.  However, we saw that there was a human touch missing from the proceedings: a touch that would uncover not only the complex ways in which materials influence how products are embodied and how they function, but also how they affect people’s experiences of products, and the complexity of materials decision-making facing the designer. (…)

So much has been done and discussed in the materials and design domain in the last decade; some of which has found its place in design practice and design education, whilst some has yet to come to the fore and remains at a level of noteworthy points to be considered for the future of our society and material possessions. We aim to present a panorama of completed works and on-going discussions that are shaping, and will continue to shape, our materiality, our selection of materials, our understanding of products, and our materials experience. What has occupied the materials and design domain in the last decade that should be transferred to design education and to the professional practice of design? (…) Our hope is that on reading Materials Experience you will be left challenged yet energized to bring a principally human-centred perspective to the materials decisions you take in future design projects, or to the materials and design curricula you may develop for future generations of designers. Now, go experience!”

Elvin Karana, Owain Pedgley & Valentina Rognoli
(from the Preface and Introduction of Materials Experience)

Find the book here.

Dr. Elvin KaranaAbout Elvin Karana
Elvin is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology. She has run various workshops on the ‘meanings of materials’.
> More about Elvin Karana

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