4 most popular diets for weight loss: 10 kg per week

To date, there are many diets that promise to burn up to ten kilograms in a week. But before using them, it is recommended to find out how effective they are and what their essence is.
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  1. lose Weight quickly
  2. Buckwheat diet: 10 kilograms down
  3. Advantages of the buckwheat diet
  4. Contraindications for the buckwheat diet
  5. Kefir diet
  6. how to use kefir
  7. the kefir diet is Contraindicated
  8. Apple diet
  9. Medical diet
  10. 10. Rules for successful weight loss

Lose weight fast

With proper nutrition, strictly adhering to certain rules, you can quickly lose extra pounds. And the result of some diets-up to 10 kilograms per week-is of particular interest to women who dream of improving their appearance and reducing their own size in the shortest possible time.4 most popular diets for weight loss: 10 kg per week
There are a lot of diets for weight loss.

The most effective diets are:

  • buckwheat,
  • kefir,
  • Apple
  • medical.


Buckwheat diet: 10 kilograms down

The buckwheat diet is one of the leaders in burning extra pounds. As women note, a two-week course helps to lose up to 12 or more kilograms. At the same time, the greater the initial weight, the easier it goes.

The essence of the buckwheat diet is to use only one product for a certain time – buckwheat groats. The effective effect of weight loss is achieved due to the low caloric content of cereals. Cooked according to the diet recipe, buckwheat has a caloric content of 70 to 169 Kcal. Therefore, you can eat a lot of it and at the same time, almost without gaining calories.

Preparing such a porridge is simple. It is enough to pour boiling water over the cereal and let it brew for several hours. Or you can fill buckwheat with kefir in the evening, and eat it the next day.

On buckwheat days, you can consume up to one liter of 1% kefir. But no more. Water (mineral, carbonated), tea (preferably green) can be drunk without restrictions.

To diversify the menu, you can add dried fruits (5-6 pieces each) to buckwheat – apples, prunes, raisins, dried apricots. It is also allowed to replace dried fruits with half a teaspoon of honey.

The last meal is four hours before bedtime. This is a prerequisite for a successful diet result.

The only drawback of the buckwheat diet is a complete ban on seasonings, salt, sweets, spices, sugar.
Advantages of the buckwheat diet

As a result of the buckwheat diet

  • weight is reduced to 7-10 kg per week,
  • in addition to the effect of weight loss, there is an effect of cleansing the intestines,
  • reduces cellulite,
  • improves the appearance and condition of the skin and nails.

Contraindications for the buckwheat diet

Buckwheat diet is contraindicated:

  • during pregnancy,
  • during breastfeeding,
  • for hypertension,
  • for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • in case of kidney failure,
  • during depression,
  • for all forms of diabetes,
  • in case of surgical intervention on the abdominal organs,
  • during physical activity.

Kefir diet

The benefits of kefir have been known for a long time. It is successfully used for medical purposes as a preventive measure. Regular use of kefir normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract, improves the condition of the skin, nails and hair. In addition, it has a soothing effect. And it is no accident that kefir is included in many diets and fasting days.
Kefir diet-unloading for the body. In one day, you need to drink up to one and a half liters of this fermented milk product.

The real result of using kefir is immediately noticeable: you can lose up to one kilogram of excess weight on kefir in just one day. But, despite such a good effect, do not abuse such days. And in any case, do not replace kefir with yogurt products.

How to use kefir

If the diet is designed for several days, it involves the inclusion of other products in the diet:

  • boiled potatoes (preferably in uniform),
  • boiled chicken fillet,
  • boiled beef,
  • boiled sea fish,
  • raw or stewed vegetables,
  • fruit.

You can only drink kefir and only water.

Breaks between meals should be less than 3 hours.

A simple kefir diet can be followed for three days (mono diet), as well as for a seven-day and ten-day period. The long-term diet is designed for 21 days, during this period it is necessary to exclude salt from the diet (up to 5 g per day is allowed), flour, fried foods, products with a high content of sugar and starch.

During a strict three-day diet, drink 2 liters of kefir a day, and you can also eat one Apple a day.
A kefir diet is contraindicated

  • pregnant and lactating women,
  • people with mental illnesses,
  • for diabetes,
  • with low blood pressure,
  • for chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Apple diet

The Apple diet is also popular among those who want to lose weight. Its effect is achieved due to the property of Apple fibers to break down fat.

25 g of Apple fiber can break down up to 300 g of fat. If you follow the Apple diet correctly, you can lose up to 500 g of weight per day.

The pectin contained in apples regulates the gastrointestinal tract and helps to cleanse the intestines. [

There are several variants of the Apple diet.

In a three-day diet, you can eat apples in any form: baked, raw, boiled, mashed. All this should be washed down with plenty of clean water. You should consume up to 3 liters of water per day.If you want and feel good, you can repeat the diet again.

Another version of the Apple diet involves drinking low – fat kefir on the first day, and eating apples and drinking water on the second. On the third day, you can alternate between kefir and apples.

Once a week, arrange a fasting day, during which you need to eat two kilograms of apples (preferably green). The amount of water on this day is not limited.

You can also combine apples with low-fat cottage cheese, rice porridge.

Medical diet

Among the systems for rapid weight loss, a special place is occupied by a medical diet, the authors of which are medical workers. They recommended such diets to their patients for weight loss before operations.
Judging by the reviews, this method of weight loss is effective, but very hard and hungry. In order not to harm your health, you need to enter the program correctly. Three days before the diet, sit for three days on dairy and fermented milk products, freshly squeezed vegetable juices, mashed porridge. Only then can you start the diet itself.

Due to a limited diet, dizziness and weakness may occur in the first 3 days.

Consult your doctor before starting a medical diet.

The first three days – drinking.

Day 1: you are allowed to drink only 1 liter of purified water. Divide it into portions and drink it throughout the day.
Day 2: 800 g of milk and drink throughout the day
Day 3: 1 liter of water during the day.
Day 4: vegetable (vegetarian). Eat fresh vegetables with a total volume of no more than 1 liter. Half an hour after eating, you can drink water. The total daily volume of water is no more than 500 ml.
Day 5: 800 g of milk per day.
Day 6: Breakfast-1 hard-boiled egg, 100 g of water or tea without sugar; lunch-100 g of boiled meat without salt and spices; dinner-1 Apple no later than 21.00.
Day 7: skip Breakfast; lunch-100 g of cottage cheese (unsweetened curd product) or 500 g of milk (kefir); dinner – tea without sugar and 1 glass of mineral water without gas.

Rules for successful weight loss

So that the diet does not become a stress for the body, set yourself up for a positive. Imagine how much your image in the mirror will improve when you lose the extra pounds. Presented? Then go to the next point of weight loss.

The diet should be balanced and consist of protein, fat, and carbohydrates.
Include sauerkraut, homemade natural fruit and vegetable juices (tomato, Apple, cucumber) in your diet.
Do not try to stay on a diet longer than it is provided by its system. It is better to repeat it in a month or two.
A simple way to eat less is to replace your usual plate with a smaller one.
Perform physical exercises.
Observe the diet.