90 day diet of a separate food

The creators of the world-famous 90-day separate diet offer a diet that allows you to lose up to 25 kilograms in three months, thereby significantly improving your metabolism.90 day diet of a separate food

Basic principles of a separate 90-day diet

From every fifth day of the diet, the entire cycle repeats again. Every 29th day-unloading: you can only drink water. This day follows immediately after the vitamin, and then again protein.

The diet is designed for three meals a day, Breakfast should be no later than 12 hours, the last meal – no later than 20: 00. You should drink enough fluids (at least 2 liters per day), and eat as much as you want, without overeating, of course. Occasionally, sugar-free coffee is allowed, fruit and vegetable juices are equated to eating, and alcohol is strictly prohibited.

If there is a breakdown in the diet – do not fall into despair, you just need to start with the missed day, and the result will be stunning.

It is important to observe the intervals between meals: on a protein day – at least 4 hours, on a starch and carbohydrate day-at least 3 hours. In the fruit a day or every two hours.


Breakfast is always the same – two fruits or a glass of berries before 12: 00. Fruit can be combined as you like, but do not abuse it – for better digestion. As for the choice, it can be any fresh and dried fruit, seeds, nuts, fruit and vegetable juices. Pay attention to the sugar content in the juice – it should not be present or it should be present in minimal quantities. A drink made from freshly squeezed lemon is useful.


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Protein day

Lunch: boiled, baked, stewed meat or fish with a side dish of fresh salad, or stewed green vegetables without oil, or with a limited amount of it. It is possible to replace meat with two eggs, cottage cheese or seafood. After solid food, it is recommended to drink 300 milliliters of clear broth with bread or a piece of bread with whole grains. Dairy products can only be consumed on this day – they belong to protein foods. Simultaneous use of different types of protein food is unacceptable.

Dinner: 1/2 of a dinner, no soup, no bread. Lunch and dinner should consist of the same dishes.

Starch day

Lunch: rice, beans, lentils, peas or potatoes, stewed or boiled, almost without fat, 1 slice of bread, vegetable salad. Vegetables can be cooked in vegetable broth.

Dinner: 1/2 lunch, no bread.

Carbohydrate day

Lunch: pasta, spaghetti with tomato sauce, or pizza with tomato sauce, or vegetables stewed in tomato paste. You can also include in the menu biscuits, crackers, baked goods from yeast-free dough. Pancakes are also not prohibited, but they can not include milk and eggs, barley, buckwheat and other cereals.

Dinner: homemade cakes – 1 cake, or 3 cookies, or 3 balls of ice cream. Required: a strip of dark bitter chocolate. If you don’t like sweets, you can replace them with a portion of pizza or salty crackers.

Vitamin day

Fresh or dried fruit, fruit purees, fruit soups, baked fruit, compotes. A combination of fruits and vegetables is possible. It is acceptable to eat 100 grams of unsalted, unsweetened and unroasted nuts or seeds, divided into 4 receptions.

Contraindications: before using the diet, you need to consult a specialist or nutritionist.