A Mediterranean diet is a similar way to a keto diet to improve health

If you don’t know how to lose some weight after long holidays or how to improve your general condition, it is highly recommended to pay attention to a keto diet or a Mediterranean diet. They have some similarities, but at the same time, they also have some differences. The main difference lies in the fact that a Mediterranean diet is focused on natural high-protein food consumption. For example, much attention is paid to fish, in contrast to a keto diet, which suggest to eat meat preferably. Mediterranean variant of diet is also considered good for a human heart.

What is included in a Mediterranean diet?

This type of diet has been enjoying popularity for a long time. The diet basis comprises eating habits from European countries since the 1940-1950s. The ration usually includes 30% of fats, 20% of proteins and about 50% of carbohydrates. This proportion has become popular due to some peculiarities. The people living in the south of France consume a great number of fats, and at the same time, they demonstrate quite lower rate of heart diseases than the Americans or some other nations. Let’s see what is mainly included in this type of diet: Mediterranean Diet

  1. Fresh vegetables, potatoes, beans, nuts, and seeds;
  2. Bread and pasta;
  3. Fruits as a daily dessert;
  4. Olive oils and other sources of fats;
  5. Dairy products: mainly yogurts and cheese;
  6. Eggs are eaten rather rarely, not more than 4 eggs a week;
  7. Meat is eaten in a small amount;
  8. Red wine is also drunk in small portions;
  9. And the diet is closely connected with an active way of living.

The health influence of a Mediterranean diet

The research of different types of diets shows that this very type of diet is good for health and it is proven by various experiments. It reduces the risks of heart diseases and cancer development. Indeed, the majority of the Mediterranean region population is less inclined to obesity and other types of diseases. This type of diet also reduces the risks of Alzheimer’s. There is a recommendation on how to reduce the risks of heart diseases, that is closely connected with a Mediterranean diet:

  • It is recommended to avoid products with cholesterol, such as red meat. Instead of it, people are recommended to eat fish, chicken, and pasta.
  • Fat acids must be also excluded from the ration as they stimulate the regeneration of the cholesterol by human body itself.
  • It is prescribed to eat at least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables a day.
  • Reduce the number of sweets in favor of fruits.
  • Eat at least once a week a dish containing fish to get omega-3 acids from it, which destroy the accumulated cholesterol.
  • Don’t eat much salt.
  • And lead an active way of life together with eating the right food.

The diet can also reduce the risks of diabetes development. An idea about preventing cancer using this diet was proposed, but the proofs turned out to be rather weak to state that it works for all the 100% of target audience, though it may be useful.

The advantages and disadvantages of the diet

The key advantage of this diet type is that it implies almost no restrictions. The menu is balanced and contains all the necessary elements for the body, and that is why it is not contraindicated in pregnant women and teenagers. But you should be careful if you are allergic to some foods or have an individual food intolerance.plate food

The greatest part of the prescribed ration includes fruits and vegetables, and a slow process of losing extra weight takes place without stress and a feeling of extreme hunger. In addition, it is recommended to work out when keeping to the diet.

s usual, together with the advantages, the diet also has some disadvantages. The first of them is a very slow process of weight loss. It is so because the main aim of the diet is to get used to healthy eating and improve your general health. Thus, with it you will lose weight, but very slowly, especially if you suffer from obesity. On the other hand, keeping to this type of diet is possible for a long period. The body metabolism will normalize owing to the diet. Yet another problem that one may face is prohibition to consume sweets. Therefore, you need to get rid of the so-called “sweet habits”.

The similarities and differences between the two diets

Both diets can have a positive influence on health. For instance, a keto diet is good for reducing the cholesterol level, and the level of triglycerides. In one of the preliminary researches, a keto diet demonstrated encouraging results in being effective in treating cancer and some other diseases.

The Mediterranean diet has been used for a long time, and the survey indicates it has similar to the keto diet results. All these pros are useful for losing weight. In comparison with other types of diets, these two are considered to be the most effective. A diet with low-carbs can lead to a greater loss of weight.

Both diets rations contain more salt compared to those of other types. The diet-prescribed food is rich in such elements as sodium. As for a keto diet, it implies eating foods containing a very small amount of salt so it is recommended to add some of it to avoid electrolytes shortage. Both diets highlight the necessity of consuming fresh vegetables and protein, avoiding sugar and chemicals.

Indeed, the only element that is strictly forbidden for a Mediterranean diet is refined sugar. It must be totally excluded. But much attention is given to use fats and a large number of carbs with fruits, pasta and bread. A common version of a diet is not the type with a low level of carbs. On the other hand, a keto diet is very strict about carbs consumed.tasty food

In comparison with other diets with a low level of fats, a Mediterranean diet ration contains much fat. Though it is much smaller than in a keto diet. Besides there are also differences in fat types. Aa a result, these diets can help improve your general state, but the aim of ketosis is to be more effective. This type of diet is more than about just losing weight, it aims at boosting and altering metabolism in the body with ketosis.

Is it possible to combine two types of diets?

It is believed that it is possible to do so. The majority of people think that keeping to these types of diets together can be even more effective than using them separately. Indeed, making your ration based on combined approach brings the best traits of each diet: it will contain 7-10% of carbohydrates, 55-65% of fats, and 22-30% of proteins. The recommended products can be the following:

  1. A great number of useful oils and other vegetable fats, such as avocado;
  2. Fish as the main source of proteins; cheese and eggs are also necessary;
  3. Much salad and vegetables with a little level of starch;
  4. A medium amount of red wine;
  5. Sugar and flour are almost excluded from the menu. The main difference is only in different sources of fats.

A general conclusion about a Keto and a Mediterranean diet

In general, these two types of diets are good for health. And the main advantage of them is a great variety of products that you can eat. Some other diets put a strict limit on what you eat, but these two diets are softer. They allow you to eat various food. Moreover, all the foods are rather simple and available in most stores and shops.

They also allow achieving good results in losing weight. But a keto diet is more preferable in this case, as it stimulates the processes of burning body fats instead of carbohydrates. They both reduce the risks of heart diseases, which contributes greatly to leading a healthy life. Some scientists are sure that these diets will be helpful while struggling with such serious diseases as cancer, diabetes, and some others.