American diet

The main principle American diet is to say goodbye to dinner. For a start – for the duration of the diet, ideally-forever.

Starting to lose weight on the American diet, we study its basic principles:

  • targeted selection of suitable products;
  • sufficient supply of body fluids;
  • the rejection of “unhealthy” fats;
  • providing the body with vitamins and other trace elements in sufficient quantities;
  • “you can have whatever you want for Breakfast.

This diet does not provide any prohibitions (except for the ban on dinner). Sweet, flour, snacks, beer, other alcohol-everything is possible. The diet does not imply a result in three days – the result will be noticeable by the end of the second week.American diet

Recommendations for the American diet

  • Do not use anything after 17 hours, except liquid.
  • You should drink a lot, but not only in the evening, but also throughout the day. A sufficient amount of liquid helps to cleanse the body of toxins and remove toxins as soon as possible.
  • Remember the fat. If you ate an extra piece of sausage, then do not forget to “eat” a couple of slices of pineapple or 2-3 slices of grapefruit.
  • Do not forget about the food that you need to eat throughout the day and throughout the week.

You can distribute the daily ration of the American diet at your discretion. During the day of the American diet, you should eat:

  • 400 grams of vegetables
  • 300 grams of fruit
  • 50 grams of bread
  • 250 grams of low-fat unsweetened dairy products
  • 100 grams of lean meat

This option will be the most effective diet option.

There are several options for the American diet.

American diet 1

Following this American diet, you will not feel hungry.

Diet menu

Breakfast. The Breakfast menu is the same every day: a Cup of coffee with milk, an orange or a couple of apples, a soft-boiled egg, a slice of bread or toast.


Lunch: fried or boiled fish (200 grams), celery with lemon juice (100 grams) + tea or coffee without milk or sugar.
Dinner: boiled meat (100 grams, finely chopped, season with 1 egg yolk and 1 tsp onion), a slice of bread or toast, an Apple or a glass of skim milk.


Lunch: stewed spinach (200 grams), fried calf’s liver (150 grams), a couple of boiled potatoes + tea or coffee.
Dinner: a glass of yogurt, vegetable salad (tomatoes, carrots, beets, cabbage + 1 tablespoon of Rast. butter), a slice of bread or toast, a soft-boiled egg, and a slice of lean ham.


Lunch: tomato juice, orange (can be replaced with grapefruit or Apple), fried meat (200 grams, low-fat), green salad (can be seasoned with lemon juice) + tea or coffee.
Dinner: a glass of yogurt, 2 hard-boiled eggs, a couple of tomatoes and croutons, a slice of bread + a pear or Apple.


Lunch: fried or boiled chicken (200 grams), white cabbage (150 grams), a slice of bread or toast + tea or coffee.
Dinner: cottage cheese (50 grams, you can add green onions or bell peppers and raw egg yolk), radish (6 PCs.), a slice of bread or toast + a glass of skim milk.


Lunch: grated carrots (250 grams), boiled meat (150 grams), a couple of potatoes (cook in a uniform) + tea or coffee.
Dinner: 2 eggs fried with vegetables, tomatoes with lemon juice and green onions + Apple.


Lunch: boiled fish (200 grams), green salad (150 grams, can be seasoned with lemon juice), a slice of coffee or toast + tea or coffee.
Dinner: boiled beef with grated horseradish (150 grams), green salad, Apple + a glass of skim milk.


Lunch: boiled chicken (200 grams), boiled rice (100 grams), green salad with lemon juice (100 grams), Apple + a Cup of skim milk.
Dinner: a glass of yogurt, a couple of small cutlets, a slice of bread or toast + an Apple.

Roller coaster-a diet based on the principle of changing the number of calories consumed, this is one of the variations of the American diet. This diet is based on the fact that with any diet, the body remembers the number of “eaten” calories, while, after the body adapts, there is a saving of calories, after which weight loss stops. Moreover, it is rapidly gaining after the completion of the diet. However, if you change the number of calories, the metabolism will not slow down and the weight loss process will continue.

Food system of the “roller coaster” diet”

The system lasts for 3 weeks. It is advisable to exclude fatty foods from the diet. The first 3 days-it is allowed to consume 600 kcal per day; 4,5,6,7 day-900 kcal; 2 week-1200 kcal; 3 week-similarly to the first-600 and 900 kcal.

The “roller coaster” diet in combination with sports will provide minus 6-7 kilograms in 3 weeks. If you additionally engage in aerobics and power load – 8-9 kilograms in 7 days.

Contraindications: before using the diet, you need to consult a specialist or nutritionist.