Apricot diet

Let’s start, perhaps, with the fact that this diet is not suitable for everyone and it has a number of contraindications.

First, the apricot diet is contraindicated for people with gastritis
Secondly, people with any obstruction of the intestine
Third, people with diabetesapricot lies on table

But there is also a very pleasant plus of this diet. With the help of the apricot diet, you can lose 5 kilograms in 3-5 days. See more about Keto BodyTone Diet.

Which I think is pretty good

As you have probably guessed, the essence of this diet is that we will eat apricots. Namely, from 250 grams to 900 grams per day. At the same time, a larger amount will have to eat on the first day of the diet.

Of course, you don’t have to eat only apricots all day. You can and should add dietary products to your diet.

Such as:

  • Boiled chicken fillet
  • Boiled rice
  • Broccoli
  • boiled egg
  • Cheese
  • Tea and juices

In this list, you can include many more products, everyone can decide for themselves what other products will suit them during these days of the diet.

Here the question arises, and why, in fact, apricots?

It’s simple. Apricots contain a huge amount of useful substances and vitamins, as well as the pulp of apricots very well adjusts the work of the gastrointestinal tract. I will not describe much about the usefulness of this product, you can always do it yourself by searching the Internet.

In General, there are a huge number of different diets. I’ll give you one of them.

Diet for 3 days:

1 day:
In the morning, we eat 150-250 grams of apricots. You can also add a hundred grams of cottage cheese and tea to your Breakfast, but not necessarily.

For lunch, you can prepare a light vegetable soup. You can also cook the fish. Or both. And don’t forget about apricots

We have dinner with any vegetable salad and eat apricots with tea)

the second and third days are similar, you can eat rice or pearl porridge instead of vegetable salads and soup. But don’t forget about the apricots.

The apricot diet is applicable not only for weight loss, but also for establishing processes in the gastrointestinal tract. It is recommended to conduct it for prevention at least once a month.