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The Future of Materiality PART III: Alter Nature

Natural resin growth on a cypress tree, Southern California

The third and final theme in our investigation about the Future of Materiality; ALTER NATURE is found at the intersection of design, biology and technology.  This theme is lead by a scientific approach to the creation of materials where engineering and different technologies play a fundamental role in transforming or in bettering nature.  Some of the existing proposals are created by synthetic biology, bioengineering, and biotechnology. Continue reading

The Future of Materiality PART II: Makers` Touch

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The second theme in our investigation of the Future of Materiality; MAKER’s TOUCH is a counter-trend to our current digitized lives and automated environments. It is driven by the return of craft, the makers, and the growing interest in apprenticeship.  We see a growing “how to” nostalgia, involving special interest in rich content and storytelling. Continue reading