Dr. Kiesler’s diet or nutrition system

In USA, there are not so many specialists who have experienced the problem of excess weight personally. Even fewer are those who not only successfully lost weight, but also keep the result for a long time. And if you add to this a high professional level, scientific balance of the food concept, it turns out that there is practically no alternative.Dr. Kiesler's diet or nutrition system

Ilya A. Kisler, a psychotherapist, head of the Elizaveta weight loss center, developed and implemented his own food concept based on the norms of the research Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences, but refracted through his own personal experience.

The whole concept is based on several basic principles:

  • The absence of unjustified restrictions in the diet.
  • Keeping a food diary with counting calories.
  • Exercise system that blocks excessive appetite.

Thanks to the balanced nutrition system of Dr. Kiesler, thousands of people have already successfully lost weight and keep the result.

What should be excluded from the diet, and what to develop a commitment to:

  • Bread and all bakery products are prohibited. You can and should only eat whole-grain bread without yeast (the main criterion for choosing-the presence of not only wheat, but also other cereals; the best option is the complete absence of wheat in the composition was not). Black bread-exclude the same as bread “Health” and so on.
  • Completely exclude fried food. You can bake in the oven, cook on the grill or on the fire, fry-you can not.
  • All carbonated drinks are banned – they stimulate the appetite. Even mineral water should be drunk without gas.
  • Exclude strong and carbonated alcohol, beer, champagne. You can only use red or white dry wine, in reasonable doses.
  • Exclude sausages from the diet; use cheeses of those varieties whose fat content does not exceed 17%.
  • Avoid foods that provoke an increased appetite. These are, first of all, sources of ascorbic acid: green apples, packaged juices, as well as any products that contain ascorbic acid as a stabilizer.
  • Exclude from the diet products of food automatism-nuts and seeds.

You should only weigh yourself once a week. Due to the fact that the process of weight loss can be slow and uneven, it is important to avoid the stress associated with the lack of daily dynamics of weight loss. At the beginning of weight loss for a week takes an average of 2 kg of weight, then the indicators may decrease slightly.

Contraindications: before using the diet, you need to consult a specialist or nutritionist.

The Golden rule: in the first place should be the question of normalization of food habits, and only after – the question of weight loss.