How to keep fit during your vacation

How to keep fit during your vacation 🏄 ♀ ️ 🏊 🏖
How to keep fit during your vacation

Here’s a vacation! You can do your favorite things, travel and meet friends. But there is also a minus: self-discipline is lost. One of the unpleasant consequences is weight gain.

On vacation, many people think: “I already limit myself all year, I have the right to relax at least on vacation.” And lean on Goodies, on alcohol, eat more often and more abundantly. Unfortunately, there are no miracles: all the excess becomes fat.

If you are tired of driving yourself to exhaustion “by the summer”, and then gain everything (or even more) on vacation-read our tips. They are not universal, because there is no single correct strategy. But they work.

Do fasting days

In the middle of the week, try to arrange 1-2 fasting days to allow yourself more time on trips and at parties. They usually happen closer to the weekend (not everyone has a vacation at the same time), so you should unload at the beginning or middle of the week.

There are different ways to do this. You can fast: eat 1-2 meals a day, and the rest of the time to starve. You can eat evenly all day, but low-calorie foods. Whichever is more convenient. The main thing – not to make monody: kefir, buckwheat, etc.

Make a diet

Even on vacation, there are normal days when you eat at home, and not in the company of friends or on a trip. Make a diet for such days, so as not to make spontaneous and erroneous decisions. Even better – several options for the diet. Use Mediterranean diet.

You can also count the calories: you won’t lose it that way. Constantly counting them on vacation is not an option: on conditional kebabs, this is madness. But if you eat at home-it’s easy to count. Just in case, keep a small deficit: who knows where your vacation will take you tomorrow?

Don’t quit sports

Everyone knows that vacation is for recreation. However, sport is not a job. If you choose the right direction, physical activity will bring a pure buzz. It is possible to keep fit while lying on the sofa. But it is much more difficult, and the form will be so-so.

If for some reason you are very far from sports, at least walk more, spend days on your feet. This will prevent you from gaining weight, even if you overeat at some point.


On vacation, you often want to walk until the morning, because the weather is favorable. There’s nothing you can do about it – you need to go for a walk! But then-be sure to sleep off and recover. And on other days, try to follow the regime – at least 7-8 hours of sleep.

Tips for tourists

When traveling, everyone usually scores on food and a healthy lifestyle, but this does not mean that everything is hopeless. Some life hacks still exist:

  • Do not choose the “all inclusive” system – even the most seasoned one is likely to fail on it;
  • Go through the restaurants: you can try high-calorie local dishes 2-3 times during the entire trip, the rest of the time look at the ingredients and portion sizes.
  • Choose low-calorie alcohol: dry wines, light beer. Do not dilute strong drinks with soda and sweet juices. Dilute the wine with sparkling water to drink less;
  • Instead of public transport, choose legs or a Bicycle (which can be rented);
  • Actively swim (if you are at a seaside resort), and not just lie on the sand. Play beach volleyball.