Material libraries

MATERIA, Holland,
Materia stimulates and inspires architects, designers and producers to apply new materials to their designs. Materia offers free use of their search engine, a complete knowledge bank of materials, etc.

MATERIAL CONNEXION, New York, Milano, Beijing, etc.,
Material ConneXion is a global platform for material solutions and innovations. They advice big and small forward-thinking companies, and government agencies seeking a creative or competitive edge through strategic material selections.

Bella Center’s Material Library is a Danish knowledge centre about innovation and the development of new materials and their application within architecture and design. The library is an exhibition/presentation of hundreds of materials, and it offers computer access to a database containing documentation and information about all materials.

Design inSiteDesign inSite, Denmark,
Various manufacturing processes and materials are described as well as the products where they are used. The product and components examples can be searched based on different criteria ranging from technical properties to application area. The focus is on the more unconventional materials like polymers, biopolymers, ceramics, composites and smart materials.

IDEMAT is a tool for material selections in the design process. IDEMAT provides a database with technical information about materials, processes and components in words, numbers and graphics, and puts emphasis on environmental information.

Materialbiblioteket (The Library of Materials) brings materials in close contact with the Scandinavian community of architects, industrial designers and product developers. Materialbiblioteket exhibits material manufacturers’ material and manufacturing methods in a permanent materials showroom.

Materials Library is an interdisciplinary collaborative team that make objects, events and exhibitions that foreground materiality. They are also engaged in both scientific research and artistic practices that explore the senso-aesthetics of materials.

matériO is an independent professional network of innovation surveillance, dedicated to new materials and technologies. It offers at the same time a physical library regrouping thousands of new and innovative material samples, an online database, and a team of experts located around the world.

Material Lab is a design resource studio in London where people can explore and be inspired by a huge range of materials, such as ceramics, glass, wallpaper, wood, carpet tiles, eco-resins and fabrics. Material Lab’s experience, service and product range covers all aspects of the public and private specification market, from architects and designers to house builders and contractors.

MATER, Spain,
Mater provides information on materials and their associated technology to businesses, professionals, technology centres and universities. The centre gives advice on topics such as the manufacture of eco-friendly products, the use of active materials or the application of nanotechnology.

Matrec logoMATREC, Italy,
MATREC (EcoMaterial database) is the first international eco-design database ‘Made in Italy’ dedicated to environmentally sustainable materials and to their use in the world of industrial production, architecture and design.

MatWebMatWeb, USA,
The online database MatWeb enables a number of ways of research for 74,000 materials and their properties. The information is of technical nature; it has a set of physical, mechanical, thermal, optical, and electric properties.

At Modulor you can find materials such as plastic, rubber, cardboard, paper, wood, cork, metal and textiles in a wide variety of colours, shapes and structures.

The center offers a wide-ranging collection of new and innovative materials samples. Experience colourful tufts of synthetic fur, futuristic-looking aluminum foam, and a host of other new and unusual materials at the collection, which currently includes over 1,800 samples.

REMATERIALISE is a sustainable materials library and online resource, offering innovative material solutions, which can have both economic benefits and less environmental impact.

TransmaterialTransmaterial, USA,
The Transmaterial website is a resource that provides information about the latest and most intriguing materials commercially available. It is a companion to the Transmaterial books written by Blaine Brownell and published by Princeton Architectural Press.

The Innovathèque is a resource centre for innovative materials that was established to meet the needs of professionals in furnishing. Creators searching for information on materials can exchange views with industrialists who are offering products and wish to make them known.

Other resources


Material Stories supports companies with materials research, concept design and strategic thinking. It is run by Aart van Bezooyen who founded Material Stories in 2005 to bridge the gap between the materials industry and the world of design.

HAPPY MATERIALS, Czech Republic,

Happy Materials discovers new and progressive materials and introduce them through exhibitions, seminars, serials or interesting projects with emphasis on their use in architecture, design and other creative fields.  It also provides communication, public relations and marketing services, especially for companies, that are active in the area of production, manufacture or distribution of materials.


Transplant delivers effective design solutions and profiling for public interior spaces; from productive workspaces to hospitality and retail industries. Integrating innovative materials into it’s designs, Transplant is aiming for a sustainable design practice. The material challenge main goal is to create meaning and a friendly human environment.

100% INTERIOR, Germany,

100% Interior develops future oriented room concepts for companies. The main focus is on health care, care, office, product and exhibition design.


Mindsets works with a number of design, technology, and science specialists to inspire and make learning fun. Among other things they have smart materials such as solar threads and glow-in-the-dark tape and they help pupils in learning how to design various products.