Montignac Diet

Dietitian from France Michel Montignac published his first book in 1987 and quite successfully develops his ideas about the diet to this day. Monsieur Michel Montignac has fundamentally changed the very idea of product compatibility.motignac diet method

According to its principle, only refined sugar (i.e. , unrefined), white rice, wheat flour and corn should be discarded, as well as sweet carbonated beverages. But for unpeeled cereals, durum wheat pasta, grain bread, fruit and other carbohydrate products, there is no ban.

However, they should not be consumed with fat, because this releases insulin, which in turn causes fat to accumulate. This means that you need to use either fat or protein in one meal, possibly also carbohydrates or proteins. It should be noted that it is desirable to eat fruit separately, before taking any other food, about half an hour, so they will be better digested.

The first phase of nutrition from Montignac

The first phase of nutrition from Montignac is intended for those who want to lose weight: fatty foods and carbohydrates should be limited to a minimum. In practice, this means that for about 1-3 months you will eat dairy products, cereals, low-fat meat, vegetables, skinless poultry and fruit.
The second phase is designed to maintain weight. In this phase, there are almost no restrictions (of course, except for the list that was mentioned above), you only need to combine them correctly. You can try Apricot diet.


  1. the “Montignac” Diet enriches the body with almost all the necessary nutrients and vitamins for health.
  2. there are almost no Bans and restrictions, and the feeling of hunger is not present.
  3. Use treats and pastries are also possible (of course within reasonable limits).
  4. and most importantly, such nutrition contributes not only to weight loss, but also to keeping it on the achieved level!


  1. Ready-made treats and pastries are most likely not suitable – they usually contain carbohydrates and fats, and most likely there is sugar and flour, ready-made hot dishes are also related to this.