Proper nutrition: basic principles

Some of the entrails

Focus on what body you feel better in, not what weight you are at. With the same weight, you can look very different. The thing is …

In the last article, we found out that Proper nutrition is not a diet.good nutrition

Consider the details

The main idea of nutrition is to eat a variety of food, not to eat sparingly
It is not necessary to eat one buckwheat, boiled chicken and vegetables.
In proper nutrition, there is room for a choice of dishes: any cereals, legumes, nuts, meat, fish, poultry, fruits and dried fruits.
We fill our diet with healthy food.
We eat when there is a feeling of hunger

We can add your favorite delicious food during the day. A piece of cake, a couple of pieces of chocolate, a few pieces of cookies – that’s one thing. Believe me, this small amount you will not be able to quench your thirst for “forbidden”. And your favorite treat will not go into kilograms of added weight. The desire for uncontrolled absorption of sweets will disappear. The body will completely thicken with less. And he will also understand that you are friends with him, you do not limit him to another hungry diet. You just know your measure.

When the body will understand that you are not its enemies, not a malicious restrictor of favorite treats (that’s a sin to hide, we all love sweets). You can, if desired, switch to a gradual replacement of sugar-sweet benefits ( fruits, berries, dried fruits). You will find it easier to give up salves, rolls and cakes. You will feel comfortable in your weight.

There’s no point getting on the scales every day. Set yourself up to wait for the desired number. There are many logical reasons not to see the daily minus on the scales. These are critical days, water balance, and increased consumption of salty food. And all this does not mean that you do not lose weight. It is more important to follow the data of your size (in centimeters), the feeling in your clothes, the reflection in the mirror. In the end, the scales-can be wrong, but the tape of the centimeter never 😉

Focus on what body you feel better in, not what weight you are at. With the same weight, you can look very different. The whole point is to emphasize their features, and hide the shortcomings that each of us has.

Clean skin, smooth legs, strong and shiny hair, proper functioning of the intestines, digestion, heart system, daily tone, feeling of rash, cheerfulness – these are the accompanying bonuses of proper nutrition.