Sparing diet

If you want to quickly and effectively eliminate extra pounds, but at the same time want to eat delicious food and not overload yourself with excessive physical activity, a gentle diet for weight loss at home will suit you. With this technique, you can quickly eliminate unwanted weight and at the same time spare your body from starvation and a variety of pills that can adversely affect the stomach.

It is worth noting that most diets have a large number of contraindications. The main contraindication prohibiting to comply with diet, it is a disease associated with the gastrointestinal tract. In the case of our diet, the products that you will use, on the contrary, will spare your body. A gentle diet is a balanced diet, and if you follow it, you will quickly get rid of extra pounds and at the same time bring significant benefits to your health.

According to nutritionists, this technique is considered one of the best for the prevention of various diseases. With its help, you can clean your body of toxins and other harmful substances, saturate it with vitamins and minerals. Your immune system will be strengthened as a result of the diet, and your metabolism will return to normal if you have previously had problems with it.

The essence of a sparing diet

The stomach-sparing diet without fasting is based on the method of the Soviet scientist-therapist M. I. Pevsner. It was this doctor who in Soviet times was engaged in drawing up food plans for people suffering from various diseases associated with abdominal pain and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Its development has brought positive results for many people. And not only for those who suffered from gastrointestinal diseases. After a week of its compliance, many were able to lose weight. It should also be noted that this diet has several General rules, following which, you will achieve the desired effect of weight loss much faster.Sparing diet

So, the basic rules of a diet that allows you to spare the body:

  • Every day you should eat at least five times, because it is fractional nutrition that contributes to rapid weight loss and helps to spare the body from overeating;
  • All meals should be low-calorie and light;
  • Food should not be too cold or hot, preferably at room temperature;
  • When preparing dishes for yourself, try to use exactly such recipes that will result in the lowest possible loss of vitamins. So, when frying dishes, some products completely lose their nutritional value, so give up pans for this time, cook food in the oven or in a steamer;
  • To ensure that you do not feel hungry after a meal, before a meal for 20 minutes, drink a glass of still water with lemon;
  • You should eat at least 2,250 calories a day. We also recommend that you read the publication that discusses how to find out how many calories you need per day to lose weight;
  • Make sure that your body receives at least 90 grams of fat, 85 grams of protein and 25 grams of carbohydrates daily. These figures may vary slightly depending on your medical condition.

Please note that if you follow any other diets, the number of calories consumed per day should not exceed 1200. And in this case, the calories should not be less than 2250. How does weight loss occur? It’s very simple. You fully saturate your body, but at the same time spare the stomach from getting into it harmful food that contains a small amount of vitamins and a large amount of carbohydrates. So it turns out that you eat well but at the same time lose weight quickly enough.

On a note! A sparing diet was invented by nutritionists of the USSR for people who suffered from diseases related to the gastrointestinal tract.

Although the menu of such a diet is not limited to a strict set of certain products, but still you need to know that some dishes will have to be abandoned. These include the food from which there is a fairly rapid gain of body weight, as well as the one that clogs the human body with toxins, toxins and other harmful substances.

Menu for the week

As a rule, the menu of a sparing diet consists of fairly light simple dishes, which you will not be difficult to prepare. You can see the first results after a week of this diet. What are the basic principles of making a menu for a diet that should spare the body? First, it helps to saturate your stomach with all the necessary trace elements for its normal functioning. And secondly, You will not feel hungry while using this technique.

So, we suggest that you get acquainted with the sample menu for each day for a gentle diet:

Day of the week Meal Description
Monday Breakfast Boiled egg, light vegetable salad and one toast
Snack a Glass of skim milk
Lunch Borscht, pasta, meatballs and grated carrots
Snack ham and tomato Sandwich, a glass of skim milk
Dinner a Portion of dumplings
Tuesday Breakfast a Glass of tomato juice
Snack One any fruit
Lunch Buckwheat-milk soup and light vegetable salad, seasoned with lemon juice
Snack Skim milk and a piece of sponge cake
Dinner a Piece of beef baked in the oven and potatoes
Wednesday Breakfast a Slice of grey bread and coffee with milk, but no sugar
Snack One any fruit
Lunch mashed potato, broccoli and carrot Soup
Snack a Glass of low fat yogurt
Dinner Salad with fresh vegetables, seasoned with vegetable oil
Thursday Breakfast a Glass of low fat yogurt
Snack Two hard-boiled eggs
Lunch Light borscht without meat, seafood salad
Snack One Apple or one orange
Dinner fish aspic (use low-fat fish varieties)
Friday Breakfast fried eggs without meat
Snack whole Grain bread with milk
Lunch Buckwheat porridge with steamed fish
Snack Curd mass with a low percentage of fat content
Dinner Cabbage and potatoes baked in the form
Saturday Breakfast One loaf and a glass of milk with 1 spoonful of honey
Snack a Cup of green tea without sugar, grey bread with butter and tomato
Lunch Vegetable soup and 200 grams of lean chicken breast
Snack Two tomatoes and a cracker of gray bread
Dinner a sandwich of grey bread with butter and dill, and a glass of low-fat milk
Sunday Breakfast Herbal tea without sugar
Snack Green salad and low-fat kefir
Lunch Boiled fish, boiled potatoes and light vegetable soup
The snack of One cookie and fresh fruit juice
Dinner Rye bread with honey and milk with a low percentage of fat content
Such nutrition will spare your body throughout the entire period of compliance with the diet. As a result, in one week you can lose up to five kilograms, which is quite a lot, and at the same time eat delicious and satisfying food. Over time, when you master all the subtleties of this technique, you can adjust the menu at your own discretion.

Please note! Doctors often prescribe a gentle diet for people after surgery to cut out the gallbladder. They should stick to it for about a month and a half.

Such a diet will not take away a lot of energy, so you can also exercise. Physical activity will significantly speed up the process of losing weight, you will achieve the desired results much faster. In addition, it is no secret that sports raise your mood, improve your complexion and strengthen your immune system.

Recipes for a gentle diet

As you have already understood, a sparing diet is quite effective, and it should start with a detailed study of possible recipes for dishes that you can cook during this period.

So, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with several of them:

Fruit smoothie. This drink is loved by absolutely everyone, and you can treat yourself to nm. To make it, simply mix 200 grams of low-fat yogurt with a few small pieces of orange, pineapple and banana. Whisk everything in a blender the Drink is ready;
Light chicken broth. This dish will help to normalize the digestive tract and saturate your body. First boil the chicken, then chop the carrots and onions and put everything in a saucepan, bring to the boil, and cook for another 15 minutes, then remove the vegetables, and an hour later the meat;
Buckwheat porridge. It is full of iron, which is very good for your health. Boil one liter of water and add one glass of washed buckwheat. Simmer for 15 minutes. Do not add salt.
There are many other dishes that are also sure to appeal to you. The main secret of this diet is not to fry food. After all, it is during frying that they lose almost all their vitamins and other useful substances.

This is important! You can not exclude physical activity if you are trying to lose weight. They should spare the body and be moderate. It is sports that will help you achieve results faster.

Thus, this diet will spare your body, protect it from toxins, saturate you with vitamins and minerals. You will lose weight quickly enough, but you will not feel hungry. This technique is not only effective, but also useful for health.

Reviews Sparing diet

Emma Cramer, 25 years old: it Turns out that I have been on a gentle diet for a year, although I hear about it for the first time, I just decided at one point that I would eat right, and since then I have removed everything harmful to the figure and body from my diet. I see changes in the figure, changes even in the state of health, all only for the better, no wonder they say: “We are what we eat.”

Evelyn Fitzgerald, 29 years old: A good diet, and judging by the description, with this I definitely will not break, the main thing is that you do not need to starve, this is the most important factor for me. I tried to sit on “strong” diets, but there you need to starve, I can’t sit hungry, I seem to hold on all day normally, and at night I can’t tear myself away from food, and as a result, instead of the lost kg, I have extra gained.

Ann Carrington, 23 years old: an Excellent diet, it is recommended not only by the trainer, but even by dietitians. I had the experience of contacting a nutritionist 5 years ago, so she told me exactly about this diet. For 3 years I have been eating right, there were breakdowns, and more than once, but I lost the desired 30 kg, and even 33, and now my weight is still there, there is no sagging skin and even cellulite. I lost weight gradually, and all thanks to the correct sparing diet.