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This is alive…

’Techno Naturology’ - an interactive textile collection by Elaine Ng Yan Ling
An increased focus on sustainability in combination with current research in biotechnology and biomimicry are influencing our design landscape and new directions are emerging. Continue reading

Chromic Phenomena – Colour and Light manipulation in materials inspired by nature

Colour Spectrum in nature. Image: Garciajbas

Discovering colour in nature is exciting from a materials point of view. Nature is immersed in colour and its role informs the materials world and designers. Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Anthony Brennan, Sharklet Technologies on shark skin surfaces


Learning from nature has become a main driver for Sharklet Technologies.
The company develops bacteria resistant surfaces based on the texture of shark skin. Danish Design Centre has interviewed the founder of the company, Anthony Brennan.

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INTERVIEW: Megan Schuknecht, Biomimicry 3.8 Institute – on the potential of Biomimicry

Drops on bambooMore and more we tend look towards Nature when designing. Not a bad idea at all as Nature’s potential is enormous. In an interview with Danish Design Centre, Megan Schuknecht from the Biomimicry 3.8 Institute gives some examples of how companies can use Biomimicry in product development.

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Biomimetics as a tool for the development of new materials

Drops of water on a super-hydrophobic surface (photo by Pablo Axpe)

Biomimetics is on everyone’s lips and it is now difficult to imagine a future where it does not play a key role in the development of our society. The development of new materials is not unconcerned with this new discipline, though we must be aware of what we can obtain (and what we cannot) from imitating Nature’s strategies.

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Reflections from nature

909 5th Ave. Seattle building designed by Ruffcorn Hinthorne Mott and Stine Architects. The stainless steel facade tiles have bright structured colour coatings. Courtesy from Millenneum Tiles LLC. Beetles, butterflies and birds are masters in fantastic bright colours and remarkable metallic reflections. Similar effects are now becoming possible in man-made materials.
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