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This is alive…

’Techno Naturology’ - an interactive textile collection by Elaine Ng Yan Ling
An increased focus on sustainability in combination with current research in biotechnology and biomimicry are influencing our design landscape and new directions are emerging. Continue reading

The Future of Materiality PART III: Alter Nature

Natural resin growth on a cypress tree, Southern California

The third and final theme in our investigation about the Future of Materiality; ALTER NATURE is found at the intersection of design, biology and technology.  This theme is lead by a scientific approach to the creation of materials where engineering and different technologies play a fundamental role in transforming or in bettering nature.  Some of the existing proposals are created by synthetic biology, bioengineering, and biotechnology. Continue reading

How the Spanish industry adopts new materials to face new challenges

Section of grooved contact wireIn recent years Spanish industry is experiencing a silent revolution, a veritable industrial transition: it is being transformed from a highly traditional model to a new model based on the optimization of productivity and the new economy of knowledge, with maximum respect for the environment and for our planet, preserving resources and better managing energy expenditure. Materials play a huge role in this revolution.

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