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OriMetric – new rubber origami driven material exploration // by Mads Hansen


tilpasset_JNY6539By successfully blending old with new, Danish Designer Mads Jeppe Hansen, has found great inspiration in the art of traditional Japanese paper origami when developing and creating a new class of elastomer based material named OriMetric. Continue reading

LAUNCH NORDIC CHALLENGE 2014 – in search of disruptive innovations that will transform the system of textiles, fabrics and fibers to the better

LAUNCH Nordic Innovation Challenge 2014 -  kick off ©LeaderlabIn the end all design objects, buildings, cities and stuff that surround us boils down to materials. Everything is made of this ‘something’ and as it unfortunately is now, sustainability is far from always present in the making. LAUNCH – an initiative started by NASA, USAID, Department of State, and NIKE in 2010 – is a global innovation platform tackling sustainability challenges within the system of making and materials. Now LAUNCH calls upon the LAUNCH Nordic Challenge in search of disruptive innovations that will transform the system of textiles, fabrics and fibers to the better…

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INTERVIEW: Anthony Brennan, Sharklet Technologies on shark skin surfaces


Learning from nature has become a main driver for Sharklet Technologies.
The company develops bacteria resistant surfaces based on the texture of shark skin. Danish Design Centre has interviewed the founder of the company, Anthony Brennan.

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INTERVIEW: Megan Schuknecht, Biomimicry 3.8 Institute – on the potential of Biomimicry

Drops on bambooMore and more we tend look towards Nature when designing. Not a bad idea at all as Nature’s potential is enormous. In an interview with Danish Design Centre, Megan Schuknecht from the Biomimicry 3.8 Institute gives some examples of how companies can use Biomimicry in product development.

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Biomimetics as a tool for the development of new materials

Drops of water on a super-hydrophobic surface (photo by Pablo Axpe)

Biomimetics is on everyone’s lips and it is now difficult to imagine a future where it does not play a key role in the development of our society. The development of new materials is not unconcerned with this new discipline, though we must be aware of what we can obtain (and what we cannot) from imitating Nature’s strategies.

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Mystic Vehicle of Contemporary Technology

Researchers at Rensselaer have created the darkest material ever made. Able to absorb more than 99.9 percent of lighting, the discovery could one day be used to boost the effectiveness and efficiency of solar energy conversion, infrared sensors, and other devices.If you carefully observe designed objects around you, perhaps you may find the unspoken process of their birth. Their ingredients and parts should come from somewhere in this globe, and mixed and combined together in a factory of somewhere, through hands and ideas of somebodies. In that sense, material is a vehicle fulfilled with the soul of our contemporary technology.
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It’s not only the material…

Nike Flyknit. Photo: NIKENew materials that are being developed today offer an enormous potential for innovation. But the material itself is not the innovation. To develop a truly innovative product it takes more…..
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‘Material World’ – exhibition at the Danish Architecture Centre

Material World - From materials to new architectureMaterial World – from materials to new architecture.
Our ability to constantly develop and use existing materials in new ways while continuously creating brand new ones has been essential to the way architecture has changed its form, expression and style over the centuries. Today, advanced material research and development has become a complex branch of science focusing on financial, resource-related and environmental sustainability.
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RIGHT NOW on materials: ‘Build it Green’

Build it Green - (PLA524 - Recycled plastic sheets)
On may 23rd an interesting material event takes place at the Materia Inspiration Centre in Amsterdam: Materia Xpert Series – Build it Green

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