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Do you work with advanced materials? Make yourself known on the DAMADEI online platform

DAMADEIwebsiteDesigners, manufacturers, technology centres and connecting centres from around the continent working with advanced materials come together in this single directory, presented in the form of an interactive European map, with the aim of boosting design as a driver of European innovation and competitiveness. Continue reading

Chromic Phenomena – Colour and Light manipulation in materials inspired by nature

Colour Spectrum in nature. Image: Garciajbas

Discovering colour in nature is exciting from a materials point of view. Nature is immersed in colour and its role informs the materials world and designers. Continue reading

Reflections from nature

909 5th Ave. Seattle building designed by Ruffcorn Hinthorne Mott and Stine Architects. The stainless steel facade tiles have bright structured colour coatings. Courtesy from Millenneum Tiles LLC. Beetles, butterflies and birds are masters in fantastic bright colours and remarkable metallic reflections. Similar effects are now becoming possible in man-made materials.
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Hello Nanomaterials – Towards Cultural (R)Evolution

Also foils, textiles and membranes can be optimized with the help of nanotechnology
Nanotechnology and nanomaterials already affect all branches from aerospace to automotive over IT and medicine, to architecture and design – but by now, it’s just the very beginning of what’s coming up far beyond the horizon. Nanomaterials will change our world and approach to materials completely.

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