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“My Darling Materials” Experts sharing their secrets! (part one)

LOGOOf all the exciting new materials developed and introduced today, which are the leading experts’ favorites? The Danish Design Center has asked its extensive network of materials experts from all over the world to contribute to a collection of their favorite materials.
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MYX material – Creating food and design from waste using oyster mushroom

Production setup. It takes 2 weeks to grow the lamp in shape. © image: courtesy of Jonas EdvardAs a part of a final project at the Royal Academy of Art – School of design in Denmark in 2013, Master Graduate Jonas Edvard Nielsen focused on the natural function of the mycelium mushroom to develope a new food production method based on waste. MYX textile material and The MYX lamp was created.

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The Future of Materiality, PART I: Illusionary High Tech

Droplets of water suspended by otherwise invisible, fine spider webAs designers, we are interested not only in the performance qualities of materials but also in their emotive attributes, those that connect with our senses, perceptions, and aesthetics.
During our latest SEEDS event titled “The Future of Materiality” we identified three main areas in which we believe, materials are evolving.
1. Illusionary High Tech
2. Makers Touch
3. Alter Nature
This article will be a three-part series. Each of them will expand on one of these three areas, exploring the future of materials through different examples as they relate to shifting social values such as the growing emotion and experience-driven economy. Continue reading

Bio-adaptation of fungi to grow materials

Ecovative product - Fungi for wines

By harnessing the evolved efficiency of nature, Ecovative is literally growing some remarkable materials and products using  fungi and agricultural waste. This post dives in on the thinking behind these radical ecological innovations.

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