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A Mediterranean diet is a similar way to a keto diet to improve health

If you don’t know how to lose some weight after long holidays or how to improve your general condition, it is highly recommended to pay attention to a keto diet or a Mediterranean diet. They have some similarities, but at the same time, they also have some differences. The main difference lies in the fact that a Mediterranean diet is focused on natural high-protein food consumption. For example, much attention is paid to fish, in contrast to a keto diet, which suggest to eat meat preferably. Mediterranean variant of diet is also considered good for a human heart.

What is included in a Mediterranean diet?

This type of diet has been enjoying popularity for a long time. The diet basis comprises eating habits from European countries since the 1940-1950s. The ration usually includes 30% of fats, 20% of proteins and about 50% of carbohydrates. This proportion has become popular due to some peculiarities. The people living in the south of France consume a great number of fats, and at the same time, they demonstrate quite lower rate of heart diseases than the Americans or some other nations. Let’s see what is mainly included in this type of diet: Mediterranean Diet

  1. Fresh vegetables, potatoes, beans, nuts, and seeds;
  2. Bread and pasta;
  3. Fruits as a daily dessert;
  4. Olive oils and other sources of fats;
  5. Dairy products: mainly yogurts and cheese;
  6. Eggs are eaten rather rarely, not more than 4 eggs a week;
  7. Meat is eaten in a small amount;
  8. Red wine is also drunk in small portions;
  9. And the diet is closely connected with an active way of living.

The health influence of a Mediterranean diet

The research of different types of diets shows that this very type of diet is good for health and it is proven by various experiments. It reduces the risks of heart diseases and cancer development. Indeed, the majority of the Mediterranean region population is less inclined to obesity and other types of diseases. This type of diet also reduces the risks of Alzheimer’s. There is a recommendation on how to reduce the risks of heart diseases, that is closely connected with a Mediterranean diet:

  • It is recommended to avoid products with cholesterol, such as red meat. Instead of it, people are recommended to eat fish, chicken, and pasta.
  • Fat acids must be also excluded from the ration as they stimulate the regeneration of the cholesterol by human body itself.
  • It is prescribed to eat at least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables a day.
  • Reduce the number of sweets in favor of fruits.
  • Eat at least once a week a dish containing fish to get omega-3 acids from it, which destroy the accumulated cholesterol.
  • Don’t eat much salt.
  • And lead an active way of life together with eating the right food.

The diet can also reduce the risks of diabetes development. An idea about preventing cancer using this diet was proposed, but the proofs turned out to be rather weak to state that it works for all the 100% of target audience, though it may be useful.

The advantages and disadvantages of the diet

The key advantage of this diet type is that it implies almost no restrictions. The menu is balanced and contains all the necessary elements for the body, and that is why it is not contraindicated in pregnant women and teenagers. But you should be careful if you are allergic to some foods or have an individual food intolerance.plate food

The greatest part of the prescribed ration includes fruits and vegetables, and a slow process of losing extra weight takes place without stress and a feeling of extreme hunger. In addition, it is recommended to work out when keeping to the diet.

s usual, together with the advantages, the diet also has some disadvantages. The first of them is a very slow process of weight loss. It is so because the main aim of the diet is to get used to healthy eating and improve your general health. Thus, with it you will lose weight, but very slowly, especially if you suffer from obesity. On the other hand, keeping to this type of diet is possible for a long period. The body metabolism will normalize owing to the diet. Yet another problem that one may face is prohibition to consume sweets. Therefore, you need to get rid of the so-called “sweet habits”.

The similarities and differences between the two diets

Both diets can have a positive influence on health. For instance, a keto diet is good for reducing the cholesterol level, and the level of triglycerides. In one of the preliminary researches, a keto diet demonstrated encouraging results in being effective in treating cancer and some other diseases.

The Mediterranean diet has been used for a long time, and the survey indicates it has similar to the keto diet results. All these pros are useful for losing weight. In comparison with other types of diets, these two are considered to be the most effective. A diet with low-carbs can lead to a greater loss of weight.

Both diets rations contain more salt compared to those of other types. The diet-prescribed food is rich in such elements as sodium. As for a keto diet, it implies eating foods containing a very small amount of salt so it is recommended to add some of it to avoid electrolytes shortage. Both diets highlight the necessity of consuming fresh vegetables and protein, avoiding sugar and chemicals.

Indeed, the only element that is strictly forbidden for a Mediterranean diet is refined sugar. It must be totally excluded. But much attention is given to use fats and a large number of carbs with fruits, pasta and bread. A common version of a diet is not the type with a low level of carbs. On the other hand, a keto diet is very strict about carbs consumed.tasty food

In comparison with other diets with a low level of fats, a Mediterranean diet ration contains much fat. Though it is much smaller than in a keto diet. Besides there are also differences in fat types. Aa a result, these diets can help improve your general state, but the aim of ketosis is to be more effective. This type of diet is more than about just losing weight, it aims at boosting and altering metabolism in the body with ketosis.

Is it possible to combine two types of diets?

It is believed that it is possible to do so. The majority of people think that keeping to these types of diets together can be even more effective than using them separately. Indeed, making your ration based on combined approach brings the best traits of each diet: it will contain 7-10% of carbohydrates, 55-65% of fats, and 22-30% of proteins. The recommended products can be the following:

  1. A great number of useful oils and other vegetable fats, such as avocado;
  2. Fish as the main source of proteins; cheese and eggs are also necessary;
  3. Much salad and vegetables with a little level of starch;
  4. A medium amount of red wine;
  5. Sugar and flour are almost excluded from the menu. The main difference is only in different sources of fats.

A general conclusion about a Keto and a Mediterranean diet

In general, these two types of diets are good for health. And the main advantage of them is a great variety of products that you can eat. Some other diets put a strict limit on what you eat, but these two diets are softer. They allow you to eat various food. Moreover, all the foods are rather simple and available in most stores and shops.

They also allow achieving good results in losing weight. But a keto diet is more preferable in this case, as it stimulates the processes of burning body fats instead of carbohydrates. They both reduce the risks of heart diseases, which contributes greatly to leading a healthy life. Some scientists are sure that these diets will be helpful while struggling with such serious diseases as cancer, diabetes, and some others.

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The main aims of keto diets – why do people find it useful?

When we speak about diets, we understand that the number of them is very big. Every diet has its aim and everyone chooses what suits them best. Among all the diets, keto diets recently have become very popular due to their simplicity and seeable results. People find them useful because it is a good opportunity to lose excess weight and improve general condition. And what are the things, which are considered to be the main goals of the diet?

General directions of keto diets

When we speak about keto diets, we understand that they can be different. But, in general, two main directions can be singled out:

  • For losing weight;
  • For improving your general condition.

As for the first point, it is known that the main notion of a keto diet deals with a nutrition regime of having low-carb meals. This ration includes a medium level of proteins consumption and a big amount of good fats. If you start taking smaller amounts of carbs, it will stimulate the processes of protein disintegration. In this case, your organism will switch to the mode of keto microbodies production.avokado

Ketosis is a naturally occurring metabolic process when your body uses fats for the biological needs of producing energy when there is not enough nutritious elements available (mostly, carbohydrates). When you keep to this diet, your brains, and other organs start to depend on the keto bodies as sources of energy. Keto microbodies begin to be produced in your body, as soon as you achieve so-called «food ketosis» state.

However, all the results achieved differ from person to person. In general, it is possible to lose from 3 up to 12 kilograms in 6 months. The average level is about 6 kilograms in half a year.

Except for losing weight, some other benefits are to be experienced. A keto diet reduces the level of sugar in blood, but the resulting level also depends on the food you eat. With that, a keto diet is believed to be a more effective way to prevent diabetes than any other type of diet.

A lot of people use a keto diet to enhance their brain activity. Keto bodies are good energy source elements and perfect fuel for brains. By reducing the carbohydrates consumption, you can prevent the sugar level peaks in the blood. Altogether it can lead to a better concentration. Increasing fatty acid consumption can positively influence metabolic processes in our brains.

Keeping to a keto diet causes your body to use a better source of energy. You will feel better during the day and more vivid. Fats are the most beneficial elements to burn as fuel for our bodies. Except this, fats nourish your body better and finally, you won’t feel hunger for a long time.

Since 1900 a keto diet was used as a method of curing epilepsy among children. It is still one of the most widespread diets and therapies for children, who suffer from this disease. One main thing about it is that a keto diet allows using less drugs while providing a good control over your overall condition.

It is discovered that a keto diet improves the level of triglycerides and cholesterol. This type of diet is also good for keeping the insulin level within the normal range as it reduces the insulin if its level is too high. Even if you are an athlete, you can optimize the insulin level by taking food with omega-3 fatty acids.

And one more fact, that is worth noting. When you start following a keto diet, you will see that your skin looks healthier. Together with the diet, it is rational to reduce the amount of dairy products consumed and follow a skin cleaning procedure.

How to cancel a keto diet and get back to a usual lifestyle?

When a person gets out of ketosis, he or she can feel a little uncomfortable in terms of digestion. If you have been keeping to a diet for a long time, your body adapted to this type of taking food, and you need some time to revert your digestion. You may also feel hunger, and it means that you will eat more often. When you were on a diet you got used to eating even once a day, and when your diet is over, the changes in the way of having meals take place. It is connected with the splashes of sugar level in the body, and as a result, you need to have meals more often.

When you cancel a keto diet, you can also feel that your performance goes down. Fact is this diet brings you a vigorous way of living. After you take carbohydrates you always want to have a nap, especially after dinner. But when you are on a keto diet, you will feel like running after a meal.keto

If you decide to cancel a keto regime, it is very easy to do. The only thing you need here is to eat food with high-carb content. The switch won’t be a stress to your body as it is a usual deal and it is done by nature. There are no general rules on how to cancel keto. Any kind of the diet cancellation can be done in just increasing the amount of carbohydrates consumed. However, the increase needs to have limits.

Is it worth canceling it and how to return into ketosis?

If you make a decision as to quitting your keto diet at some point, only you will be able to assess the consequences. There is no proven information on whether it is harmful to keep to a keto diet for a long time. Many people use it for many years. It is generally done due to medical recommendations and general state of health. Thus, it is only you to decide what is comfortable for you. Somebody may prefer a keto diet and somebody would like to follow LCHF. Some people keep to a keto only for a couple of months a year. They do it by various reasons, for example, when they want to get into shape after the holidays after eating too much. Transition to a keto mode as if to say, is a kind of reboot for the body, and some its impaired functions could be restored.

If you decide to go back to ketosis, it will be much easier to do. All you have to do is going back to keeping to a keto regime again. If you go through this for the second or for the third time, the process will be easier and less stressful. In general, if you are not a beginner, you will feel better than the first time.

After you cancel a keto regime, it is also possible to follow any other diet. But remember one thing, your body needs time to recover. You can start a new diet only after some time and having a medical consultation. Otherwise, it could be stress and can lead to harmful effects.

A final observation of a keto process

You should understand that any change of your way of living is a challenge to your body. Therefore everything has to be done gradually. It also applies to a keto diet, as going for it is also a change in lifestyle. As a result, your body won’t be getting as much carbohydrates as before and you will be able to notice some changes in the body. However, you may experience the following symptoms:

  • Convulsions;
  • Constipation;
  • Heart palpitation.

But at the same time, you should take into account that all these symptoms are temporary and connected to the changes in the whole body. It simply means that the process has started. You shouldn’t be afraid of it, as many people test this type of diet and find it very useful.woman

It also stimulates additional activity in the body. The diet will be useful for those people whose job implies high mental activity, as it also believed to stimulate metabolic processes in the brain. And which is most important, that you will be able to feel better while losing weight. It is a great combination for those who want to take care of themselves with little effort. Thus, no matter what you are, an athlete or an office worker, you will find this kind of diet useful and see that it really works. However, everything should be done only after the consultation with your doctor as it will help you avoid extra troubles and reduce the stress level.

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Keto diet – a profitable way to stay healthy easily

A new thing in the world of medicine is a keto diet. This is a dietary pattern implying low-carb and high-fat products at the same time. Due to this, it enables a person to lose weight very quickly. More than 50 researchers prove that the diet really works. It is included in medical recommendations and serves as a good method of protecting people from extreme hunger and control diabetes.

The functional way of a keto diet

We get energy from the food we eat. The main components we get from it are proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. And our body breaks them down into smaller elements. With that, the key element for our metabolism is glucose. It is used in our body as the main active element to maintain all the vital processes. But when you are hungry or in case of keeping to a keto diet, keto bodies that are synthesized in our liver serve as a source of energy. These microbodies are alternative sources of energy when the body lacks glucose.

Keto bodies are produced when one gets little carbohydrates and a small number of proteins. It is tightly connected with human brain, which gets energy from keto bodies and glucose. When you are keeping to a keto diet, the process of fat disintegration intensifies and, as a result, the person loses weight.

Some precautions before keeping to the diet

When taking general precautions, this kind of diet is safe and won’t bring any harm. But some restrictions still exist. It is not recommended to keep to it in case you have one of the following conditions:

  • Diabetes;
  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Pancreatitis;
  • Liver failure;
  • Kidney failure;
  • Porphyria;
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

And there is also one more restriction about the diet. It is not good for people who take antihyperglycemic remedies. Thus, following all these recommendations will make your life easier, and you won’t have any troubles while sticking to it.

I decided to start, but don’t know how

If you found your favorite old clothes in a wardrobe and realized that you couldn’t put it on again because of your excess weight, maybe it is time to think over your way of living. The main idea of the diet, as it has been already mentioned, is consuming small amounts of carbohydrates. At that, your body doesn’t get the required amount of quick energy and starts keto processes – the process of fat disintegration.The ketogenic diet a beginners guide

Well, in general, one of the most favorable advantages of this diet is that you are not particularly limited. Indeed, it lets you eat various food, and at the same time, you won’t feel hungry. There is a striking difference between two types of diets – a low-calorie diet and a low-carb diet. When on a low-carb diet, you can easily find what to eat no matter where you are. In this case, it is easy to cook anything at home, order anything at the café and it won’t take your friends much trouble providing you food if they invite you to celebrate any event.

Remember that any change in your life is a challenge. You should get used to it. You will probably want to eat everything you ate before, but your goal is not to give up. Be ready to experiencing difficulties, but be sure that you will overcome them.

If you are ready to start, try to avoid the following tasty things:

  1. Fruit;
  2. Potatoes;
  3. Pasta;
  4. Soda/juices;
  5. Beer;
  6. Rice;
  7. Bread;
  8. Chocolate;
  9. Donuts;
  10. Candies.

It is very important to avoid sweet products. Your food must contain much fat, a medium level of proteins, as too much of it will be transformed into glucose in the body. And you must also control its level.

As for the drinks, an ideal option is water. But you can also drink coffee or tea without sugar. A small amount of milk and cream is possible, but try to avoid latte. Time after time you can drink a glass of wine.

Products and food that are mainly used for cooking in a keto diet

The most widespread cause of people ending a diet is a feeling of hunger when the fridge is empty. The best way out the situation is quite easy and obvious. But try not to surrender – lots of people in this case prefer ordering pizza or fast-food of any kind, and put their dieting on a back burner. However, you need to understand that it is very difficult to start the process of fat burning, but it is very easy to stop it.

Just to avoid this mistake, it is quite enough to put all the necessary foods into your fridge. They are different kinds of meat, fish, cheese, eggs, high-quality sausages and vegetables. Sometimes a tin of fish can be very helpful when you are tired of eating the same food every day. The main thing about the diet is to eat tasty and various meals. You can get tired of eating eggs with sausages by the end of the first week. But there is another way out from here. You can cook yourself a tasty soup with a good piece of meat. Almost every dish can be adapted to a diet with low carbohydrate content. It turns out that everything is limited only by your efforts, and how much time you can dedicate to it.Ketogenic Diet for Beginners

When you want to eat anything sweet, you should resist this temptation. Some years ago, this problem was difficult to solve, but now it is possible to find even a bar of chocolate containing a very small amount of carbs.

The recipe options for a keto diet

There can be lots of options of what to cook, but the most popular are presented in the following list:

Option 1

For breakfast, you can eat eggs fried on the butter and a cup of coffee with cream. A bit later, for a snack, you can eat cheese.

For dinner, you can eat soup, fried fish with broccoli. For a snack, it is ok to have a chicken roll.

For supper, you can cook a steak with vegetable salad.

Option 2

For breakfast, you can cook boiled sausages (be careful while choosing them, they mustn’t contain not permitted ingredients).

For dinner, you can eat a salad with eggs and fish (like salmon) and a vegetable stew. As a snack, you can eat cottage cheese with a cream, but without sugar.

For supper, it is allowed to cook meatballs with fried zucchinis.

Option 3

For breakfast, you can eat pancakes made from eggs and a little cream. As a snack it is possible to eat a Korean salad with cilantro and cucumbers.

For dinner, it is possible to cook tomatoes with cheese and a tongue with cream.

For supper, you can eat shrimps with garlic and green salad.

If you look at the options mentioned above, you can easily understand that it is possible to live on this diet without much problems.

The possible results of keeping to a keto diet

During a long-term diet, you will feel that your appetite is reducing, the portions of food you eat are becoming smaller and you can do whatever you like without thinking of food. After a week or two your body will get used to a new way of feeding and you will feel the energy.

If you feel that you have already achieved your goal, it’s up to you to decide whether to go on eating keto products or stop doing it. Evaluate your condition, listen to our body and look at how your organism reacts to different food. However, you should clearly realize that if you go back to your former eating habits, you will put on weight again, and you will have to start afresh. It looks like long-term training sessions, if you stop doing them, the result will be very poor. And this diet is a kind of training too. It gives much of a result until you follow all the recommendations. If you decide to stop, you should be ready to return to your previous state. Which is obviously not the aim, you had set long ago.

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Using a keto diet is a way to lead a comfortable and full-fledged life

When we speak about diets, it must be noted that every diet should be chosen according to personal medical recommendations. Each diet must bring benefits to the body. The more comfortable you currently feel, the less stress you will have when keeping to the diet. Every change in the way of eating requires some time to get used to it. And a keto diet causes less stress in comparison with other diets, as there is a great number of ways to cook tasty food without any harm.

A keto diet. What does it imply?

Keto diets are a new way of treating and losing excess weight. Recently, low-carb diets have become more and more popular, as they really help lose weight and improve the general state of the body. They are widespread, and nearly every person heard about them. But at the same time, very few people consider them. The research shows that the patients who suffer from obesity lose weight faster keeping to a low-carb diet than to any other diet. It is proved that our body can work using not only fats but also carbohydrates. And they are even more useful for us.

But losing weight is not the only thing that must be taken into account regarding such a diet. Observing it also improves overall activity and provides additional energy to the whole body, including brain and physical activity. It also helps normalize the condition of your skin, and the body produces less oxygen and free radicals, that helps prevent inflammatory processes.5 popular trends in ketosis

Keto diets also help reduce the insulin level that can prevent the development of diabetes of the second type, or eradicate its symptoms. Since a keto diet limits the carbohydrates consumption, the level of glucose is decreasing and the production of insulin also reduces.

Keeping to a diet requires much discipline from a person. If you decide to quit one diet and change it for another, the results may be very poor. All your spent efforts could be in vain, as the processes of ketosis may stop. As a consequence, all the achieved results may turn out to be miniscule. You shouldn’t take risks and cease a keto process to make your ration more various. Before you made up your mind to change your diet, think about what results you want to achieve. If you are not an athlete, and have no medical prescriptions for keeping observing a certain diet, it is better to keep to a classical keto diet.

The main types of keto diet

  • Generally, there are five types of keto diet:
  • Classical keto diet;
  • Target keto diet;
  • Cyclic keto diet;
  • High-protein keto diet;
  • Limiting diet.

When we speak about a classical keto diet, it means that the suggested ration consists in 75% of fats, 20% of proteins, and 5% of carbohydrates. As with any other kind diet, you should understand, that the amount of fats you are recommended to consume depends on the person, so you are to decide yourself how many fats you need.

You have certainly heard about simple and complex carbohydrates and what kinds of them are considered to be useful and stimulating the processes of losing excess weight. With fats, the situation is almost the same. When you are on a diet, you need to consume only the useful fats. Only they save your energy. Fats constitute 75% of everyday ration, so every snack must contain a great number of useful fats. They can be organic, planted or natural.

As for a target keto diet itself, it is often used by bodybuilders. Because it allows getting simple carbohydrates within half an hour (it is the time of a training session). As athletes usually have highly intensive training sessions, they can burn more carbohydrates during a session. Actually, they hardly burn at all, until the processes of ketosis start.

It must be noted that this type of diet is for those who regularly visit gyms and fitness-clubs. If you are an amateur, and you are not planning to become a professional athlete to earn from sport for your living, you’d better stick to a classic diet. For faster carbohydrates burning, you need to eat food that contains simple components. In addition, if you want to boost your muscle growth, you need eat more proteins after your training sessions.

If you’ve been keeping to a diet for a long time, and suddenly noticed that the effect produced by it is no more experienced, you need to think of what went wrong. Regardless of the diet efficiency drop cause, you will need to restore your metabolism and cancel the process of ketosis by consuming some amount of carbohydrates. In other words, you need to give a small stress to your body, just to restore the process and start it again. However, in this case, we speak about complex carbohydrates. That is the main notion of a cyclic keto diet.

A high-protein keto diet is suitable for people, who suffer from obesity. After this diet, it is highly recommended to go for a classical low-carb diet. As a plan, you can divide your ration in a 35% share of proteins, 60% share of fats and 5 % share of carbohydrates. Indeed, it is the same diet as a classical keto trend but with much protein.The advantages of a keto diet

A limiting keto diet is a way of eating when a body gets only 12 grams of carbohydrates a day. This type of diet is used only in medical institutions and never keep to it by yourself. It seems to be effective with the cancer struggle. You should use it only with medical observations.

The advantages of using a keto diet

As this direction becomes more and more popular, lots of people try to keep it. And judging by the comments, it really works. Most people noted that they really lose their weight, and their general state becomes much better than it used to be beforehand. Some of them notice that the level of sugar in the blood has decreased. They even have more energy.

It also normalizes the level of hemoglobin, no matter what it was, high or low. It also influences blood pressure. Those people who suffered from high blood pressure noticed that it became normal, and it is very important as it reduces the risks of a potential stroke or a heart attack. One thing that must be noted here is the level of triglycerides. It also influences the rhythms of your heart. The less you have it, the fewer risks of heart diseases you have.

A revolutionary breakthrough with Keto Fit Pro

As science develops, there are some other ways to start the processes of ketosis. One of them is natural, safe and effective dietary supplement. It starts the process of natural fat burning inside the body. With this process, your body will burn more fats instead of carbs, and as a result, you will lose weight. Our food is full of carbohydrates, and normally they are burnt when they get into our body. With this additional supplement, you will start the process when your body will save the energy from carbohydrates and burn fats instead of carbs.

A final overview on a keto diet

You see that there are a lot of ways to start the process of ketosis in the body, but you should be very careful. If you don’t know what to choose and how to start, it is better to consult a doctor. So, every diet aims to bring more use than harm. As there are a lot of different directions in keto diets, you should learn and understand what you want to get. At the same time, in comparison with other types of diets, they are considered to be the least dangerous. It is so because there are almost no limits. Of course, they exist, but it is much easier to eat different food and control the level of different elements than limit yourself with everything possible.


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Keto diet yes

Keto Diet. My Experience

We are all different! We have different values, different lifestyles, different interests, different sensitivity, different blood flows in us, and we live in different climatic conditions. As food command a large part of our life, it should ideally suit you, without looking back at your sister, girlfriend or a popular insta blogger. Suitable not only for nutritional value, but also for emotional: aesthetic appearance of dishes, taste and other things like those.

How to find those for your own preferences?


Try it, and then carefully look at yourself and listen to the inner voice. It sounds funny, but only this helps find your personal comfort.


A year ago, I was translating Lyle MacDonald’s book on a ketogenic diet, but at that time I observed strict veganism, and I did not begin to test this nutrition system. In the fall, I first read the LCHF of Andreas Enfeldt, then the work of David Perlmutter fell into my hands. They definitely have a rational kernel, but most of them seem to coerce to take their side through intimidation. In my leisure time, I read Joseph Merkola and did not understand how this can be released in hardcover. The entire informative load of a 200-page book would fit on 10 pages.


I live in a cottage estate near Moscow. The girls of the estate share a common chat. When I want to come up with an idea, I drop it in the chat, and we create a dedicated group and bring the new thing to life in a companionable way. keto diet

We had a big chat of slimmers, in which all members had perfectly balanced weight and built a diet. Introduced daily care (masks, wraps and other similar things), which is quite problematic to carry out being a busy mother of five children or a business woman. But, as it turned out, when one really wants it, one has the time. There was also a week of green smoothies, where we all replaced the snack with a drink rich in chlorophyll and fiber. The company gathered for culinary master classes and business conferences. In short, you will not get bored with me :-D. Well, the experiment with a keto nutrition was proposed two months ago.

We gathered in a chat, calculated the required for everyone amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates both in grams and as a percentage of the total food amount, composed a list of suitable products and started.

Important note! I STRONGLY DISAGREE WITH MYSTERIOUS DIETS COPYING AND FOLLOWING CELEBS BLINDLY! Before starting this experiment, I had had advanced biochemical and clinical blood tests, determined my vitamin-mineral status, performed a gastroscopy, and performed an ultrasound tests of the liver, kidneys, and gall bladder. And I think that everyone who wants to make significant changes to their diet needs to undergo a full examination beforehand!


Despite having translated hundreds of studies and articles, reading books, and analyzing the experiences of familiar keto adherents, I bought guides from three well-known ketogenic diet gurus on the Web. A month and a half after I started with my keto programs, I attended a keto popularizer-organized seminar in Russia.

In my opinion, for the former it is only business, for the latter – a way to get on TV.

The former, via an offer, imposed on me keto bars, sahzams and some similar products, which can be bought at their online store or on iHerb effortlessly using their identification code for a “discount”. The latter at the seminar walked around the hall with a peacock and asked everyone to tag him on Instagram.

So, what kind of beast is this, keto?

This is a nutrition system where 70% share of the diet-suggested ration is fat, 20% is protein, and 10% for carbohydrates, which are mostly derived from green leafy salads and vegetables.

(There are info sources talking about adhering to 5%-carbohydrate share, but this is more likely to be used for therapeutic purposes, and not for a normal healthy person.)


If you, just like many people do, visit the nearest food store, throw some oils, cheeses and lard in your cart and say “I’m on a keto” – you will be ruining your health. Every food that is produced for the mass consumption is, to a great extent, harmful!eat on keto diet

The statement that keto (or LCHF) ration is affordable or even, forgive me Lord, budget food, is spread out by people interested in its promotion. And one believing it is one who did not get into the details. It is likely that this article will fly to my ears.

The components of the keto food basket are not simple, but golden. More precisely, the products in it should be as reputationally pure as possible and have a valuable chemical composition and contain an overwhelming amount of vitamins and minerals. And this is the lot of WILD fish, exclusively GROUND vegetables (90% of sold in the stores are hydroponic), NORTH free-growing berries and so on.

In a word – MAGICIANS of the XXI century!


Excluding a large group of nutrients from your ration for keeping to the diet is making a sharp decrease of the vital vitamins and minerals consumed. That is why all adhering to the keto-diet in the kitchen have a pack of dietary supplements. You can get the maximum from fat-containing products, which have the average protein content and a minimum of carbohydrates only if they are absolutely ecologically clean and fresh. Although even a fanatical search for products will require the intake of an additional source of vitamins, minerals and fiber, and even enzymes.


If you want some milk, then go for the one with beta-casein A2, similar to the protein from breast milk. The A1 type of protein (differs from the A2 in terms of the amino acid chain) is much more difficult for a person to digest. A2 protein type can be found in goat, sheep, mare and buffalo milk, which is much more expensive than the mass-processed cow milk.

When you want to treat yourself with cheese, then it should contain only milk, sourdough from lactic acid microorganisms / fermenting component exclusively of animal origin. These cheeses are relatively expensive, and due to the lack of transgenic microbial components they ripen from six months and require very expensive care.

There are a lot of complaints about cheese!

The benefit to the human body is provided only by the products representing a small fraction of the world food market. For the most of foods, alas, “you don’t realize what you die from!”

Conclusion: if you are on keto, then you need Cheese (yes, with a capital letter), and not a replica of it.

If to eat Gruyere, then only the well-ripened (top or reserve grades) one. If it’s really a keto for the brain, then the diet can include only the Alpine Gruyeres, produced exclusively on high mountain pastures.

If mozzarella, then go only for the one made from buffalo milk, similar in chemical composition to female breast milk (true Mozzarella di Bufala).

The same with the Suluguni. The budget is out of the question for true LCHF, or keto like cow milk suluguni. We need the original one, which is made from buffalo, sheep or goat milk.

If wish some parmesan, then it should have at least two years of ripening.

Fish? Why not, but only the wild. Here my husband bought a wild sea bass (I just asked for salmon), the cost is 8 000 r. per kg and for that money you still need to cook it yourself!

If to take eggs, then because of the need to maintain the enzymatic row you need different types of them (ostrich, goose, turkey, caesar, quail) and only from young laying hens. If you like chicken egg, the choice is C2, which are more expensive than classic C0 in terms of mass, go to extremes.


And in addition to this, you need to measure the level of ketones in the blood daily. Calculating the amount of nutrients using the general formula is a no go, since an error in choosing the right amount of protein for you personally can make you lose your shape (the percentage of muscle mass will decrease) or can knock you out of ketosis switching to gluconeogenesis. In addition, protein is the most dangerous nutrient for humans. Playing with it won’t bring you any good!


Caution, now I am writing on my own behalf! Your relationship with keto can be radically different from mine.

It was tasty and gourmand-pleasing! I became addicted to cheeses, learned how to make sauces for salads and made desserts from cream cheese and berries. And all these foods will remain in my ration when I’m on the diet. But I carefully went back to the carbohydrates norm.keto diet

I am a businesswoman and a mom, so great psychological load provokes the growth of the stress hormone produce (cortisol), which must be stopped. The easiest way to do this is to consume insulin, which is naturally produced by carbohydrates that come with food.

By the end of the experiment, the content of ketones in the blood was 1.1–1.2 (mild ketosis). Remember, I wrote that in order to accurately evaluate my experiment. I underwent a medical examination before it began. After 9 weeks of being on keto nutrition, I repeated it.

Ultrasound and gastroscopy test results remained unchanged.

Cholesterol, HDL and LDL exceeded the upper limit by 43–47%. The atherogenic coefficient was 1.9, which is one tenth below the minimum normal limit.

In addition, the concentration of copper 5(!) times exceeding the normal one was found in my hair. With the highest limit of normal at 50 mcg / g, I have 252. And a slight deficiency of selenium. At first, I was blaming the possible inhalation of copper dust inside the house (well, fool :-D) as the cause. Then I had a correspondence with a friend of the genius of biochemistry (Roman Viktorovich Yurikov), who was initially against my experiment, and everything fell into place.

With a surplus of fats in the diet, a greater amount of oxygen is required for their oxidation. Copper is necessary for mitochondrial respiration, and selenium is involved in protection against excessive free radicals. The lipid peroxidation of mitochondrial membranes led to the destruction of mitochondria, which also served as a source of copper release. Well, all the produced selenium was being instantly spent on fighting radicals (free forms of oxygen), resulting in its shortage.


From my experience, it is not worth it. Though it is only mine and no one else’s. Time after time, I write that we are all different and “what is good for the Russian, for the German is death”! Stay curious, try and implement the best of your experiments. But, I recapitulate once more, approach every idea implementation clear-headed! Many of us, unfortunately, collect information only from the Internet. Subscribing to some smart blog covering the topics in the sphere of your interests is good, but every tub must stand on its own bottom! Especially now, when almost every actively maintained blog is commercialized.

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