International DAMADEI project on advanced materials is now completed – a comprehensive report has been issued

DAMADEI Report 103113On October 31st in Copenhagen, a high profiled event marked the conclusion of the international EU Culture-funded DAMADEI project.

(Download the DAMADEI report here)
As mentioned before here at Hello Materials, DAMADEI – short for “Design and Advanced Materials As a Driver of European Innovation” has brought together partners from Denmark, Spain, England, and the Czech Republic. The aim has been to map the advanced materials sector in Europe, identify best cases of collaboration on the use of advanced materials between designers, businesses and the scientific community, discuss the future role of materials libraries, and point to ways of bringing scientific knowledge and advanced materials into commercial application by creating early alliances between designers, material suppliers and manufacturers.

DAMADEI workshop, Danish Design Centre

DAMADEI workshop, Danish Design Centre

During the course of the project, four workshops have been organized in London, Copenhagen, Prague and Barcelona, involving some 162 participants. The European design and advanced materials sectors have been mapped, identifying 85 advanced materials suppliers, 37 designers, 37 connecting centres and 35 technology centres all presented in the form of an interactive European map and anyone interested in appearing in this exclusive European selection can now enter their details through a simple form. Key insights, barriers, needs and trends in the sector have been documented, ten best cases from six countries have been identified and analyzed, and a special exhibition – “The Materialism European Tour” – has been created for the purpose of being shown publicly in each of the workshop cities.

Priya Mani #DAMADEI @designcentret @designsociety - by Henning Hjort Event 31.10.13Priya Mani, Design Researcher, Danish Design Centre – Photo: Henning Hjort

Summing up the entire scope and work, a 170 pages long report is published on October 31st. The report is now available for free download here.

DAMADEI closing event at Design Society, Copenhagen

The DAMADEI closing event took part at the Design Society in Copenhagen where the DAMADEI content and findings was presented by Danish Design Centre Project Managers Maria Hørmann and Priya Mani followed by a handful of inspiring and knowledgeable speakers who offered insights into some of the latest applications of design and advanced materials:
“Will it Break?” by Erik Haastrup Müller – CEO, Futation:
Erik Haastrup Müller - Crossover Event 31.10.13
Erik Haastrup Müller – Photo: Henning Hjort

“Heat it up” by Johan Pedersen, Energy Harvesting & Electronics Specialist, DELTA:
Johan Pedersen - Crossover Event 31.10.13
Johan Pedersen – Photo: Henning Hjort

Creating food and Design from Waste” by Jonas Edvard Nielsen, MA in Product design at The Royal Academy of Design, Copenhagen:
Jonas Edvard - Crossover Event 31.10.13
Jonas Edvard Nielsen – Photo: Henning Hjort

“Paper-thin solar cells – the next generation energy devices”
Morten Madsen, Assistant Professor, MSc Eng., Ph.D. University of
Suthern Denmark:Crossover Event 31.10.13
Morten Madsen, University of Suthern Denmark & Maria Hørmann, Change Maker, Danish Design Centre – Photo: Henning Hjort

The grand finale was conducted by Zoe Laughlin, co-founder and director of the UK-based Institute of Making. Zoe presented a half-hour materials show under the headline “The Performativity of Matter”.
Crossover Event 31.10.13
Zoe Laughlin – Photo: Henning Hjort

DAMADEI partners

The DAMADEI project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

The partners are:

  • Fostering Arts and Design (FAD), Materfad, Barcelona, Spain
  • Danish Design Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Happy Materials, Prague, Czech Republic

Please find more information about the project, the programme for the 31st and the project partners here:

Maria HørmannAbout Maria Hørmann
Maria is creator and editor of ‘Hello Materials Blog’, creator of “My Darling Materials” and one of the ‘Change Makers’ at the Design & Innovation team at the Danish Design Centre. She follows closely the development within the environmental- , technological- and material area, and with a background as a trained cabinet maker Maria also has a broad, professional knowledge of materials.
> More about Maria Hørmann

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