About Us

Hello! My name is Travis Stork and I am an American author and alternative medicine advocate. Throughout my life, I have been studying mainly alternative medicine, spiritual life, willpower, and other related topics. I have written more than 30 books on this topic on my account. These books are my wealth, my experience, which I share with people.

However, books are not the only activity that I love to devote time to. HelloMaterialsBlog is what takes up my spare time too. This is my mini project about keto diet that I enjoy doing. I try to add the necessary information about a hot topic for 2020.

How it all began…

It seems to me that there is nothing more important than the topic of health. A healthy body, a healthy mind is something that should be in harmony together. For my not young age, I managed to graduate from a medical institute, complete residencies in internal medicine, take up integrative medicine, and work as a doctor. My bundle of knowledge is wealth in the form of medicine.

Of course, like another person dealing with medicine, I was studying traditional medicine. Traditional medicine is good, but what if you study its opposite side? What do you think about alternative medicine? I think this is one of the most unique discoveries for our humanity.

I advocate atypical discoveries in all areas. Let’s take the hated diets as an example. Do you also have a shiver after reading the word «diet»? What if I told you that a diet can be enjoyable and beneficial to the entire body? Imagine eating fatty foods and shedding those extra pounds! This is the merit of the keto diet, which is one of the most popular and most importantly effective!

Keto diet

I am an expert in the field of nutrition and have studied many types. I am interested not only in learning new species but also in delving into them.

A keto diet is a new thing in the world of medicine. This diet seems to be the most effective and useful for the body against the background of analogs. Why do I think so? On a ketogenic diet:

  • A sea of energy appears;
  • Working capacity is growing;
  • The concentration of attention increases;
  • The brain starts working at the speed of light;
  • General well-being and emotional mood improve.

This is just a small part of the benefits that I have shared with you. I think these 5 benefits have already been able to interest you. I was interested in the effect that achieves quickly and the absence of harm to health. This is the most important task that should be intertwined together. Most diets do more harm than good. Exhaustion of the body, the use of nasty food, exhausting sports are out of fashion. Now you can lose weight quickly and without harm.

A characteristic feature of the keto diet is balanced weight loss and fatty nutrition. Even if you decide to keep the usual calorie intake, the weight will slowly, but still go away. If you also cut back on calories, then on such a diet you can lose weight very effectively.

However, there is another important nuance that many people ignore. Because of the cold attitude towards themselves, they get sores. Have you guessed what we are talking about? That’s right; we are talking about taking tests before «experiments». You don’t need to have a medical degree to understand how important this step is. Advanced biochemical and clinical blood tests, gastroscopy, liver ultrasound… These are just 3 terms from a complete examination, and there are even more to come. Thus, I wanted to show that the survey is not limited to just a few analyzes. You must pass absolutely all tests to make sure that you are healthy and ready to start your plans!


This diet appeared about 50 years ago but only recently began to gain momentum. From my observations, I noticed that many people couldn’t stay on the same diet for a long time. They had exhaustion, breakdowns, bad moods, and other similar problems. Their main goal was to lose weight. They scored for the rest of the components. Everyone wants to get the desired result, but first of all, you need to think about your health! It’s scary to watch how people in pursuit of the ideal get a bunch of problems with the body.

The keto diet is the exact opposite of what was mentioned above. Using a keto diet is a way to lead a comfortable and full-fledged life. This is the main reason why this method has become popular all over the world.

This approach to nutrition has a solid physiological and biochemical basis. In simple terms, without reference to medicine, this diet can induce effective weight loss along with the improvement of certain parameters. For example, it is effective along with several cardiovascular risk factors. This is the second reason the diet has become popular.

Note that you are getting a nice and healthy body. You also have an effective fight against certain diseases. Isn’t it a miracle? The more I studied this topic, the more I realized how wonderful it is. Now I am a specialist in the keto diet. In my blog, I try to convey all the necessary information to readers. I want to help people understand a new topic and convey the right thoughts.

Final thoughts

The absorption of new information and its correct implementation is what I want to achieve from people. If you think that you cannot achieve an ideal state, health, be independent of diseases, then you are mistaken. All of these can be achieved. One has only to try and in the end, the set goal will be fulfilled.

Medicine is not an easy but very exciting way that I share with the people around me. I never thought I’d be interested in a ketogenic diet. If I hadn’t translated Lyle MacDonald’s book on this topic, then perhaps I would have postponed the idea of studying it for later. However, now I have no regrets. I got another piece of information that will be useful to me. Moreover, I thoroughly studied it and now I can help those who are interested in it. The blog helped me to carry out my plans even better.

I hope that my blog and other guys participating in it will be useful to you. We have put a piece of our experience and soul so that you can enjoy reading.