Pregnancy and nutrition

We couldn’t get pregnant for a long time, 4 years, so we wouldn’t lie. And as it turned out, in order for this miracle to happen, in addition to running to the doctors (and maybe even instead), you just had to think about your nutrition. Because a well-chosen diet, with its clear execution, helps to restore the normal hormonal background.Pregnancy woman and fruits and vegetables on table


Well, my dietary skills are already formed like a multiplication table. By pregnancy, for 2 months on proper nutrition, I lost 10 kg and reduced my waist by 8 cm. Now the question was how not to eat your happiness and run to the nearest bakery.

I’ll be honest, the first 3 months I didn’t really manage to control myself.

But in time came the understanding that it is necessary to eat not for two, but for two. And in sweets, pickles and bakery vitamins for the growing body there is no, that this is the usual female whims of the type “I’m a mother”.

Yes, there is A diet during pregnancy. And I would advise all moms who are in a position to comply with it, so that then do not complain that “damn, I gained 30 kg”. Because it depends on how You will feel in the last few months. I gained only 14 kg and until the last day I didn’t even feel any changes, no shortness of breath, no fatigue.

What did I eat? I will write on the example of one day:

  • Breakfast-oatmeal, 2 eggs, cucumber, nuts;
  • lunch-rice (with palm), chicken without skin, stewed vegetables (200 grams);
  • dinner – chicken without skin, a Cup of salad with olive oil or avocado; plus 2 snacks between meals – cottage cheese, fruit.

And believe me, I was not hungry and my daughter got all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Because the DIET is not about starvation, it is about a balanced diet.

I took care of my nutrition, so I do not have stretch marks on my stomach, my skin does not hang down, and the path to recovery was easy